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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Xplosion 2002, Feb 24, 2014.


Can somone help me?

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    Xplosion 2002

    I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me a couple of pointers of what and what not to do while making any Mini-Game or Hunger Games plugin in general. I was also wondering if anyone that has made a Hunger Games plugin how long it will take to make it with ONE person as far as the basics (No like mutations or Sponsoring) but like players and commands and that stuff.
    (If you could send me some links to so sites that would help while making a Mini-Games plugin [Youtube,Forums, whatever] and yes i already watch PogoStick29dev)
    I do have a book Java for Dummies if someone could tell me if there is anything in there that could help that would be great thanks.(The book at times can be very over whelming)
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    Xplosion 2002

    Thank you xTrollxDudex and if anyone would want to create a dev team with beginners that wold like to start small and work our way up. Pm me if so.
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    Xplosion 2002

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    I imagine he wants someone to do/give the code for him. If so, you(xplosion) can ask for it in Plugin Requesets area.
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    Xplosion 2002

    No I just wanted to see if anyone else could give anymore tips.
  8. Xplosion 2002
    Well I coded a fully functional hunger games minigame in about 15 hours, but as you're less experienced my guess would be about 30-40 hours.

    My pointer would be to make sure you don't store the Player object unless you make sure to clean up after yourself, a lot of developers do this which can lead to memory leaks.
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