Hunger, eating, drowning & jumping bugs on 1.3.1

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Evetsi, Aug 16, 2012.

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    On my server, hunger, eating, and drowning tick much faster than normal. I'm also having a problem were users jump and are instantly teleported down instead of falling normally. It does not appear to be a bukkit or minecraft bug as others are not having this problem, but rather a plugin bug. I'm just having trouble finding it. Anyone else having any of these problems?

    Plugin list:
    BOSEconomy, Backup 1.9-dev, BorderGuard 4.3, CasinoSlots 2.3.5, ChestShop 3.42, Citizens 1.2.1, CombatTag 5.0, DisguiseCraft 3.2, DwarfForge 2.14, Dynmap-Towny 0.20, EnderChestControl 1.0, Enjin Minecraft Plugin 1.1.1 beta, Essentials Dev2.9.379, EssentialsGeoIP Dev2.9.379, EssentialsSpawn Dev2.9.379, Factions 1.6.8, Gates 1.1a, Hawk 0.3.2, LWC 4.3.0, LimitedCreative 1.3.0a, LogBlock 1.57, MagicCarpet 2.1.3, MagicSpells 2.8.1, Minequery 1.5, MobArena, Multiverse-Core 2.5-b572, Multiverse-Inventories 2.5-b192, Multiverse-Portals 2.5-b591, ObbyDestruct 3.1.3, Orebfuscator 1.5.14, PermissionsEx 1.19.3, PersonalChest 1.2.0, PlgPort 3.0, Questioner 0.6, Register 1.8, SimpleHat 1.0, TopPVP 0.9, Towny, TownyChat 0.31, TreasureChest 7.1, TreasureHunt 0.9, VanishNoPacket 3.10, Vault 1.2.17-b224, Votifier 1.7, WorldEdit 1203-b81fec1, WorldGuard 635-ba5be60, XPConomy 1.1, dynmap 0.70.2-1290, mcMMO 1.3.11-b1030
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    Have you tried... disabling some of those? That is a rather ridiculous amount of plugins.
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    I've tried disabling most of the unnecessary ones. But its a pretty high traffic server and I was hoping someone here might have had the same problem, so and I have to take it off line for extended testing
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    You have so many plugins it's going to be near-impossible for someone to have had the same problem with the same setup as you. I suggest starting with plain Bukkit and adding/testing each one until you find the issue.
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    If you know the plugin with those bugs, go to the bukkit dev and write up a ticket for it.
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    Try uninstalling Orebfuscator. I was having the same exact problem on my server, and disabling that one fixed it.

    We have many of the same plugins, but using Plugman I disabled each of the ones we shared in common, then dc-ed and reconnected, then drowned myself. After disabling Orebfuscator eating/drowning ticks returned to their normal not hyper states. Not sure how an anti-xray plugin was messing up eating and drowning speeds, but....
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    On an unrelated subject you could also remove minequery, as minecraft has had that built in for a while now.
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    Fixed it. It was disguisecraft. Had to disable the pvp option in the config. Should be fixed in the next version
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    Ahhh, it must have been something between Orebfuscator and Disguisecraft then. Just tried removing DC and putting Oreb. back in and things were still good. But having both at once messes things up. I'll have to keep an eye out for the update
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    I'm having the same problem, but it only seems to happen when I put Multiverse-Portals in.

    This is my Plugin list

    Edit: Scratch that. It just happened even though I took Multiverse-Portals out.

    Found the problem. It was NoCheatPlus. I updated it to the latest version and all my problems went away.

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    It looks like I had the same problem, but with Multiverse. Just update Multiverse to latest dev build.
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    I had similar problems… Don't know what fixed it but I updated a couple of plugins and it was fixed :)
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