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Does this Survival Games plugin sound better than the rest?

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    First of all, I know i'm going to get a lot of people telling me to look at survival games plugins on plugin search so my answer is this, I have, I spent a whole day looking for a plugin that I liked and I did find one but unfortunately it was WIP and has been since 2012 so I assume it isn't going to get finished because in the last 3 months of me looking the plugin is still at 56% complete. So without further or do the ideas for my plugin...

    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: The Survival Games

    What I want: A Survival Games plugin cannot be boring, it has to have a lot of cool features that will make people want to play on it so I have come up with this idea. The plugin is very similar to MCSG. I would also like it to be MultiWorld compatible if you can so it is more useful to other people.

    First you have the join sign which will be laid out like so

    Survival Games
    <Arena Number>
    <What state the game is in (e.g. Voting, pre-game, in-game and deathmatch)>
    <Total players in the game (e.g. 3/24)>

    Next, when you right click on the sign you will teleported to a location set with a command, your inventory will be cleared (and saved), you are now in the lobby faze you will not be able to break any blocks and you will be able to do /sg vote <arena number> (e.g. /sg vote 2) this will create your vote for the map number 2, if it is possible the map number (e.g. 2) will have the map name next to it (e.g. 2 - Teweran Survival Games 3 (Votes: 4)) In the end, the map with the most number of votes will win and will be selected to be played. If there isn't another players in the lobby it will restart but the votes/maps will be kept (amount of min players could be configurable per arena/lobby in config or with an in-game command). People in the lobby, pre-game, in-game and deathmatch will be able to do /sg records to see their total kills, deaths, wins and points (i'll get onto points later).

    When the map has been selected to be played you will be teleported to one of the spawnpoints (set with a command) and you will not be able to move until the configurable time (default 45 seconds) has gone, in the time all the chests on the map will generate random items (i'll talk later about chests), once the time is up the game timer will start and players will be able to run and collect items from chests, every minute a message will popup saying how long is left in minutes (each game is 30 mins long then deathmatch will start if there is still more than 4 players) and how many players are left (players can type /sg list to see who is in game and the message will be displayed as so in this example:
    Alive: Player1, Player2, Dave1234, Jimmy1235, Yebol, SteveMC, ImSoPr0.
    Dead: ImBadAtPvP, SamHaribo, Isuck12, QuantumTiger, JamkoMC, bob987.
    Spectating: SamHaribo, bob987, RandomGuy6, JamkoMC.)
    Chests will refill with items at 17 minutes through the game, with the same Tier (i'll talk about them in a minute) items. When in the arena the only blocks you will be able to break are, flowers, long grass, mushrooms, and leaves.

    Once the 30 minutes are up or their are 4 players left alive the deathmatch countdown will begin from 60, if all but one players are killed then the remaining player wins and the game ends, if more than 1 player is still alive when the deathmatch counter has ended both players will be sent to the deathmatch arena on different spawnpoints where they will fight to the death and one will become the victor.

    The game ends and players will be teleported back to where they were when they first clicked the sign and will be given the items they had in their inventory again.

    Extra info:

    Chests will have 2 Tiers, Tier 1 chests and Tier 2 chests.

    Tier 1s will contain items like: leather armour pieces, gold armour pieces, wooden swords and axes, stone swords and axes, un-cooked food like cookies, apples, carrots, pumpkin pie, raw chicken, raw steak, raw fish (include 1.7 fish if you want to as well), the chests will also have items such as sticks x2 (not very common), feathers x3, bones x2, fishing rods (not very common), flint (not very common), arrows x4 (not very common), a gold ingot (not very common), wheat x2, flint and steel x1 (not very common), and an iron ingot (not very common). The T1s will also include the Extra items which you can find lower down the page. TNT will be a not very common item, Sugar rush will also be a not very common item and also the slowball which will be quite common but not so that it is OP.

    Tier 2s will contain rarer items like: diamonds (maximum of 5 in a game), iron armour pieces, chain armour pieces, regular golden apple, the care package, cooked food, cake, and 1 or 2 tier 1 items as well e.g. arrows will be more common in T2 than in T1.

    When setting up the arenas all chests will be T1s by default and doing the /sg setchest t2 <arena number> while looking at a chest will turn it into a t2 chest. (cannot be done ingame)

    Spectating will hopefully be a feature, when a player dies they respawn where they died with flying enabled, they wont be able to attack people/knockback, they will be invisible to everyone else, no health (other players, fall damage and fire damage can't kill them) or hunger can be lost and a compass in their inventory, the compass, when right-clicked will open up a GUI with players heads in them (which can't be taken out) and when right clicked the spectator will teleport to the person they have selected.

    Points. Points will be gained when you get a kill (customise amount in config) and winning a game (customise amount in config), you can lose points by dying (customise amount in config) and you can spend points either bountying them (see below) on people or sponsoring other players (again, see below). Your points will be displayed before your name like this example when you are in the lobby stage or before you have even joined a game:
    1234 : DaveMan123: Hi, I have 1234 points, lol that is funny! :D
    after the lobby stage (pre-game, in-game and deathmatch) your name will look like this and the number you have before your name will be the amount of points bountied on you.
    50 : DaveMan123: LOL! someone bountied 50 points because I killed them!

    Bountying will be able to happen throughout the game by players and spectators, when a player types /sg bounty <playername> <amount of points being bountied> the points will be taken from their profile and put on the other players name (see above Points section). When a player with a bounty on them is killed, the killer will receive the points added onto the points gained from killing a player. If they player does not die in the whole game then they will get the points added onto their points total

    Sponsoring. When you are spectating a game you can sponsor a player with /sg sponsor <playername> <amount of points you sponsor>. Also a sponsoring group e.g. 1-10 can only be done once per game so if 1 person does /sg sponsor dave12 8 and then another person does /sg sponsor dave1235678 9 then the 2nd person will get a message like this: Sorry. Someone has already been sponsored with an amount of points between 1-10. Try sponsoring more points or leave the player to fight by themselves! I will make a little table thing to show how the points you sponsor help.

    1-15 points = food, if more points are given the person will recvieve better items e.g. 5 points = raw steak, chicken, apple 13 points = steak, porkchop, cake. (if 15 points are sponsored the player will have a 1/7 chance of receiving a regular golden apple)
    16-30 points = extras (see below), arrows, tnt, sugar, etc. (the more points sponsored the more items the player will get e.g. 19 points gives 4 arrows, 28 points gives 9)
    31-45 points = useful items, flint and steel, iron ingots, chain armour, diamond (1/7 chance if 45 points are sponsored), iron armour (1/10 chance if 45 points are sponsored).

    Extra Items. The extra items I have thought up of and nicked from other great servers are,

    TNT which when placed on the floor instantly lights and explodes after 2-4 seconds,

    Sugar (named Sugar rush) which when right clicked, slows you down like you are eating it for same amount of time as normal food and then gives you a speed 1 boost for 10 seconds, great for out running people.

    Another item is the slowball, when a snowball (renamed slowball) hits the player it gives them slowness 1 for 20 seconds this will allow players to chance them down and hopefully get the kill.

    Care Package, a renamed firework which when right-clicked sends a firework up into the air where it explodes constantly for 10 seconds so other players are alerted to the users position, after the 10 seconds a random T2 item will drop from the sky to the location that the care package was set off.

    Ideas for commands: /sg create arena <arena number> (creates arena)
    /sg setradius <arena number> <radius> (sets radius where people cannot break blocks and where the automatic chest refill is)
    /sg setspawn lobby <arena number> (sets lobby spawn point)
    /sg setspawn gamespawn <spawn point number> (max can be set in config, default 48)> <arena number>
    /sg setspawn deathmatch <spawn point number> (max can be set in config, default 48)> <arena number>
    /sg setmaxplayers <max players> <arena number>
    /sg setchest t1 / t2 <arena number> (set chest tiers, by default all are t1s)
    /sg join <arena number> (only available before joining any other game)
    /sg vote <map number> (vote for map in lobby phase only)
    /sg bounty <player> <points> (set a bounty on a player)
    /sg sponsor <player> <points> (sponsor a player with items)
    /sg leave (leave an arena)
    /sg forcestart <arena number> <the state to put the game into> (force starts the state the game needs to go into e.g. player is in-game and does /sg forcestart 2 dm for a deathmatch force start)
    /sg forcestop <arena number> (force stops a game)

    Ideas for permissions: survivalgames.admin (access to all survivalgames.player commands and survivalgames.mod commands as well as the arena setup commands)
    survivalgames.mod (access to all survivalgames.player commands and also /sg forcestart and /sg forcestop)
    survivalgames.player (access to joining arenas, showing available arenas, voting for maps, spectating, boutying and sponsoring)
    survivalgames.vote.worth.<number> (how much a vote is worth, survivalgames.player will have 1 by default but it can be given to other players for example donators so that they can have a better chance of having their map selected)
    survivalgames.join.<arena name> ( permission to join an arena, when set to false players cannot join the arena (useful for donator only arenas + staff only testing)
    survivalgames.join.* (access to join all arenas)

    When I'd like it by: I don't mind how long it takes you so long as it is amazing at the end! :D

    Thanks -Yebol

    P.S. This took me like one and a half hours to write.

    P.P.S I bet timtower will link me to another sg plugin :p

    P.P.P.S Anything i've missed? Quote me and i'll add it in! :D
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Yebol Only read that part
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    Famous Guy

    All the Devs in the Bukkit forums should team up and make this :p
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    Thank you, I hope they do! :)
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    That would be a disaster. You cant just throw devs together. We're very territorial creatures and we kill the weaker ones off until a king emerges and it just gets really ugly and weird after that.
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    Famous Guy

  10. Interesting, although I'm not sure how much of this would actually be breaking new ground versus just recreating what's already available.

    That's when the ritualistic exception throwing begins.
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    I know it would be recreating BUT no plugins on Bukkit.org actually provide what I have requested, all the plugins like this are on private servers like MCSG, TheHive and TheNexus/The Fridge. I just want myself, and everyone else, to be able to have a great SG plugin. :) I don't at all mind the starting pre-game phase and general section of in-game from the double_0_negative SG plugin, it's just a little plain, the chests/items arent configurable and 1000s of servers use the plugin.

    P.S. The Sugar rush idea in extra items is 100% my idea, so that's original! :)

  12. I do have the intention to eventually develop and release some public plugins for gamemodes that don't really have good plugins available.

    For example, prison servers either use private plugins or have a random pile of plugins thrown together that kind of sort of work. I'm planning a plugin called Alcatraz that would handle most aspects of a prison server by itself.

    However, I still need more experience with Bukkit before I do anything huge. I'm already running into issues with bloated class files and other such things.
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    Okay, I understand about prison servers working with mix and match plugins but Survival Games would be pretty hard to do with mix and match and would be really hard to set-up, looking at your ideas so far I reckon you're going to be a great dev. If you ever become a master could you try doing this for me? It'd be really awesome if you could because SG has so many plugins but none of them that are public are actually like the real thing. :)
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    This sounds like a good plugin hope someone makes it :D

  15. Heh, thanks. I'm a computer science minor at Rose-Hulman, so I'm going to get quite a bit of experience with writing good code and whatnot.

    I'll see if I can come up with a general features list over the next few days. That'll make things easier later on.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Someguyfromcrowd I can create specific parts of code if you want, just PM me when you need something ( won't make the entire thing, also not together with somebody )
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    You are a really nice guy and good luck with your computer science :D
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    I hope they will as well :D
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    I hate having to bump stuff! ;)
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    I have but it isn't for MultiWorld it is for multiple servers. It's almost what I want but it isn't

    EDIT: Added the /sg forcestart & /sg forcestop commands that would be useful as well as the new Care Package special item that I'd like as well.

    Thank you future awesome dev that will do this for me! :)
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    i know SGX is for 1 server but you can make multiple servers and connect them with bungeecord and also use teleport signs for signs to join the game. BTW nobody will make this plugin for free
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    I know how to use BungeeCord but this plugin still doesn't give me what I want, me and my friend tried testing it out on his server and we both hated how it worked and we are looking for an alternative but there isn't one.
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    Seems like a interesting idea. Not that it would be a quick/easy plugin to make but I think when it is finished it will have a really nice outcome. I would recommend changing mobs though. I think mobs could be generalized to this plugin.
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    When you are a keen Survival Games player and you've played a lot of it on other servers with private plugins you realise that adding mobs just makes people angry because you are in a chests getting loot and a creeper comes and blows you up.
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    I guess, but even still, if it is balanced properly mobs can be a insane addon.
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    Maybe it could be changed in config?

    I've now got a dev working on it but he said because he hasn't got much time it might take 4 months to do. If anyone could do it quicker and provide on-going updates because he wont do those either it'll just be 1.7 and then he'll never touch it again. :(
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    Famous Guy

    The config should be like
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    On phone and can't quote but to the thread starter: You say that 1000s servers are using the other plugin as it would be a winning argument to make this plugin. However if this one is better than the other one then the same scenario would happen, that 1000s servers would switch to this.

    Then your server would have the exact same sg as the rest aside from maybe different configs. With other words you servers Sg would not be unique :)
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    Too true! Everyone works in their own ways. :)
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