Huge nether lagg

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by zipron, Apr 11, 2012.

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    We're running a 1.2.5-R1.0 build on our server, with only MCmmo installed. We noticed (5 independent persons, with no modded clients on different locations with good internet access) that once entering the nether, we have huge lagg (5 spf - seconds per frame hehe). I tried some things out: playing the server world on singleplayer works fine, recreating the nether solved some issues, but the game still freezes once evrey +- 15 seconds for 1 second. In the overworld, there is no lagg at all, so I highly doubt it's because my server is too imperformant. I do not get any errors in the console and because we're only running one plugin, this made me think it might be a bukkit-related issue.

    Thanks for reading,
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    Check out Bukkit Help.
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    you mean I should post this on the help threead? I highly doubt.. because of the reasons I posted above I think it's a bukkit/mc related issue since the newest update

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    debatable, your post doesn't qualify as a project feedback but rather a project problem. You must either report this Bug on bukkit's handy bug tracker found here if you believe it's really a bug that a large portion of the community is having. Or post on Bukkit help to receive related feedback or plugin mishaps. Most of the time when a player reports a bug it's due to a plugin installed onto the server. I'd suggest scanning your plugins threads to find similar problems with other players and how the developer/player handled the situation. In this case McMMo. I'm not trying to be wannabe moderator here, just trying to be helpful. You probably won't find better luck reporting your bug in this thread.

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    Moved to correct section. This is a help request, or at best a bug report. Neither should be in community feedback.
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    I've had experienced the same issue with 1.2.4 RB.

    I even reset the nether, but when there you still get random FPS lag spikes.

    All other worlds are running with no issues.
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    If you remove the MCmmo plugin, does the lag get better?
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    TnT sorry for posting in the wrong section, I saw the sticky post of evil there and I thought is was in the right section. thanks for moving =)

    r0306 removing mcMMO didn't help

    Jeyge he told me to update my java gaming library (in the minecraft folder) which solved the issue for 90%, still get some freezes but seems to be a lot less. (and MC will only use the up-to-date java gaming libs since patch 1.3)

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    Sorry for keep up the thread but i have the same problem, what do you do to solve it zipron? Thanks in advance
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    didn't solve it at all, thought I had but seemed not... idk, I think it's just a java issue =(
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    The Nether seems to be the laggiest world in Bukkit servers, not entirely sure why. Every world I've made has huge lag in the Nether, but not anywhere else. It may be because of the huge amount of lava, idk.
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    than it should be solved... luckely they are working on a whole new API, let's hope it'll fix things..
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