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    Plugin Name: Hub/HubPlugin/HubCombo

    What I Want: I want a plugin that comes everything a hub server needs such as:
    -A clock that disables player visibility.
    -Stacker/piggyback when you left click a player with it.
    -Double Jumping when the space bar is clicked twice
    -TimeLock to a time in the day
    -Villagers that bring up a gui that allows you to purchase effects, trails and items such as a paintball gun that turns the area where the snowball landed in to different colour wool for a few seconds (This must not effect blocks such as portals)
    - Player Popper (A bow that when fired makings a player exploded in a brust of fireworks.
    -When Players Login the the server they instantly get put in to lobby mode meaning they can't break blocks or kill them selves or do /me.
    Player Commands:
    /hub (Teleports a player to a setlocation.)
    Admin Commands:
    /sethub (Sets the location where the player will spawn every time they login.)
    /setvillager (Sets a villager that dispenses the gadgets.)
    /hubout (Left the hub environment so admins can modify the area)
    /hubin (Op back in to hub mode)

    hubcombo.hub (/hub and be able to use the gadget villagers)
    hubcombo.sethub (/sethub)
    hubcombo.setvillager (Set gadget villagers
    hubcombo.edit (/hubout and /hubin)

    When would I like it by:
    Some time within the next 3 weeks if possible thanks
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    half of these are already done.
    with worldguard region your hub then do
    /region flag (Region) blocked-cmds /me,(other commands)
    then do
    /region flag (region) pvp deny
    then you can put essentials anti build in the server an add the build node to the players you want to be able to build
    at a set rank
    a time lock plugin is already made and can be found here: put in the ticks you want in config and it wont bypass those ticks
    if your saying you want players to become invis then just get world guard commands+
    then flag the region for unlimited duration of invisibility
    or you can have an auto command plugin that when a player joins it will automaticly do /vanish or whatever
    plugin you use to vanish on them

    the /hub part might be able to be done with essentials spawn.
    just somehow changing the spawn to hub.

    and snowballs not affecting portals is going to be a tricky one unless plugin devs are able to make the snowball
    go through portals (depending on which portal plugin you use)

    the player popper sounds cool but might take a bit of time.

    keep in mind these sound like multiple plugins for the 1 server
    and doesn't seem like it could all be done within 3 weeks
    especially since a lot of religionist holidays are coming up.
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    Deleted user


    seems like Mineplex's lobby
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    Sounds Like The Shotbow Network Too Me...

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    I will make a bit of your hub request , as for the magic clock, its
    Not mine by the way. I will help you the
    • /hub
    • Stacker
    This 2 is the only things i could make , Sorry. Would be done 30 minutes after this post.
    EDIT: As for /hubin or /hubout , i'm unable to make it , however /sethub and /hub is done , At the moment , i'm working on the stacker thing.

    Ok , due to some unknown error , /hub and Stacker would collide. However saving it with different plugins (Different Plugin) Not combo , Would work. Checking through wether there's any errors.

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    ShearsSheep if(cmd.getLabel().equals( do stuff, same for other command
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    Okay! Its completed. Here is the Hub sitting permissions.
    1. permissions:
    2. hub.ride:
    3. description: Can ride a player.
    4. default: op
    6. hub.beridden:
    7. description: Can be ridden.
    8. default: false
    10. hub.eject:
    11. description: Can eject players.
    12. default: false

    And here's the /hub
    1. commands:
    2. sethub:
    3. description: Command to set the Main Hub!
    4. hub:
    5. description: Command to get to the Main Hub!
    6. permissions:
    7. hubcombo.hub:
    8. description: Enables you to get back to the hub via /hub
    9. default: op
    10. hubcombo.sethub:
    11. description: Enables you to set the hub
    12. default: op

    Oops , forgotten to add the link,
    Here's the /hub one. <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    This one's the Stacker one , Abit glitchy.
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Report any bugs to me ASAP-
    Have fun! :)
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