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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by RebceeC, Jan 19, 2021.

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    I'm looking for a tool that will let me check the HP / Hunger of someone on the server.
    It doesn't need to change it, just a query will be good enough please.
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    Can you specify a version and permissions required for the commands? If so I can have it done pretty fast.
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    Hello, I have just finished a plugin that does exactly that! For players to use it they will need certain permissions which you can view via the plugin home page as it shows the commands and permissions, I also added in a config system so you can easily customize it! I tested this plugin on my server and it works fine, should do so for others, but I am only a small developer trying to learn as much as I can about code so if you have ANY issues please tell me for assistance, I am new to Bukkit and usually use other websites so I put the plugin on a Spigot Resource page as I do not know how to upload it in here, like I said if you have any issues let me know so I can fix it ASAP, thank you :)

    You can get the plugin by clicking here.
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