How well would giving people their own world instances work?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mjmr89, Mar 23, 2011.

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    I've been thinking of something that, in theory, sounds cool but I'm not sure it would work out in practice. The idea is that users (probably not all, maybe more mod-types) get their *own* worlds. Worlds where they have uber modness so they can change what they want in their world. Of course, for people without this privilege, they'd have one normal world where people build as usual. I think there are several advantages/disadvantages. Of course, as an advantage, it would be cool :p but there would also be problems with "Why not just make your own 1-person server"... Well, use multi-world warps (are there any mods that support that yet, anyway?) or more simply, world teleport commands (like those found in Multiverse).

    I know this whole idea is sort of jumbled, but I hope you get the gist of it. One major downside seems to be that it would create a massive amount of lag, but I'm not sure because I'm not sure how CraftBukkit handles multiple worlds. Maybe it's just like two different people in different areas of one single world, where different chunks are loaded and act like two far away people act on the server load.

    Aaaaaanyway... What do you guys think? I think this could at the moment be easily implemented with one of the multiworld plugins and use Permissions for the per-world mod status.
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    imo better and easier way would be to make a second world, but give said users each a fairly large area of their own where they can do everything they want
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    But then, once they have explored their portion of land, its done... With my idea, you can keep exploring and moving the spawn point as you wish if you find a particularly cool place.
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    Sounds cool, and you're right, Permissions would make it easy. If you decide to do it let us know how it works. It seems like a great way to reward people for monetary support.
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    I'm both for and against it, and it all hinges on one key point.

    I'm under the impression that, from a post I read when I first joined, Minecraft stores the chunks closest to the spawn in memory. If this happens for -all- worlds and not just the main one, then to put it lightly all hell will break loose without a crapton of ram.

    That said if multiworld doesn't store the chunks closest to the spawn for all worlds EXCEPT the main one, it's a golden idea, and I'll happily point out Multiverse/MultiInv for multi-world warps (and portal-like creations) and keeping inventories separated between worlds. But if it does store all those chunks, god help whoever decides to have a world for each of their 20 users - that'd be a lot of ram in use without a single player online.

    So here's hoping it -doesnt- store chunks in memory for any of the multiworld worlds unless someone's on them. I suck hard at java so I can't even read the code enough to tell if it does or not :(
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