how to use use permisstion 2.4

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Emerson, Feb 27, 2011.

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    HELLO! so i have downloaded permissiobs 2.4 and ive noticed that its a little more complicated than i thought. What are the different code things (ex. general.spawn(foundas example in XXXX.yml)) Is there places to look for them? like tha magic carpet plugin. what are the permissions for that? is it like a pattern(magiccarpet.mc3?)
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    ANyone know. like i want to let admin be able to use the /spawnr command. would i enter spawnr.spawnr under permissions?
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    tip: here u get help for bukkit as it is, for plugin help post ur question in the plugin forum
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    ok thnks
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    Magiccarpet has only one Permission Node.Thats what they're called,nodes.For MC,It would be
    - ''
    You would add that node to the groups you'd like to use Magic Carpet.

    Some plugins don't support Permissions,so are defaulted to a certain group.
    Each plugin that does support Permissions,will normally have the nodes on the thread,or on a Wiki.

    Hope This Helped.
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    if permissions are hard for you try groupmanager i had the same prob and i tried it and it worked
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