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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by musicin3d, Nov 17, 2011.

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    I have been searching for two days, and I can't find anything in the knowledge base or forums that explains what the packager actually does. Obviously it creates some sort of package. But where does this package go? What does it contain? Is it a jar (that I can't seem to find)? Or is it that zip file of my source in the "Files" tab? And why the heck would I put my source there? Why won't git let me push a .jar file with (or instead of) my source files?

    Sigh. :confused:
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    lukegb Retired Staff

    The packager is for World of Warcraft addons, as they are simply packaged up script files and other resources. It will not function for Java files, which require compilation.

    The repository is a standard VCS, which you can use as your remote 'origin' (if using git) and push to as per normal.
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    Oooh. Ok. That clears up a lot. So I can just ignore the packager. Thanks.

    One thing still:
    If I push my project folder, that puts my source on the "Files" tab. Is this preferred? I see other people just having the jars in their files section. Also, it will not allow me to push jar files. Instead it says this...
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    It is considered bad practice to put jar files under vcs.
    Might wanna tag @lukegb on issues like this. Most people dont use the curse vcs.
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    Mmm. I'd love to see a tutorial on how to properly use .pkgmeta with the repos and file manager. I'm having trouble understanding exactly how I'm supposed to mark files and the like for curseforge. I've ended up just separately uploading the latest jar as the last file. However, I'd like to offer up a zip file with all the source code packaged separately as well that doesn't link to the main download, but is listed in the files section.
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    I did find out that if you clone your repository on bukkit (effectively creating another repo), it shows it as a separate section on the files tab.
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    Hrm, I'll see if I can do that, maybe just for source code uploads or something.
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