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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by uber141, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Hello, I'm a bit of a server administrator noob. I just recently made a craftbukkit server when Minecraft was still on 1.6.6, and now after I've done all that work, 1.7 has finally been released! :D

    However, of course with this surprise brings stress, because never before have I updated my craftbukkit server. This means I also have a ton of questions, most of which probably aren't answerable, or won't be answered until I update the server and find out for myself.

    But for starters, what are the easiest steps you can give me to updating my craftbukkit server from 1.6.6 to 1.7? I noticed that there is no reccomended build on this website (yet) for 1.7, but yet people are talking about how they've already updated to a non-reccomended build that supports the 1.7 update.

    Should I wait for an offical build to be released to reduce the possibility of issues arising? Also, when I update my server, will I have to re-install all of our current plug-ins as well? For example, will they not work unless I reinstall them? Lastly, will I have to set up all of my Permissions again, or will that part of my work be saved?

    Any assistance would be appreciated! Basically just looking for the steps to update, and maybe some answers to my questions. Thanks. :)
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    Personally, I make a copy of the root of my server so that it remains unaffected. Then you can run your copy on your home computer with the updated Craftbukkit build or whichever build you choose (whether recommended or not, it won't matter if you break anything running it on your own PC). Usually I wait for a recommended build before uploading to my main server after a minecraft update, since so many things can break easily and cause bugs for your players. Play around with a copy of your server on the newest build and see what plugins need updating etc and you can't go wrong :) Then when you're happy, reupload everything. A lot of servers also run a test server alongside their main server on a different port where staff can test new stuff.

    PS, if you're going to try this, don't bother transferring the world data in either direction :)
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    What do you mean by making a copy of the root of your server? What I did (I have all of my server stuff in one folder on my desktop) is copied and pasted the entire folder. Will that work too?

    As for updating plug-ins, how do you do that? For example, how would you update the WorldGuard plug-in? Do you have to go to the WorldGuard page, see if there is a newer version, and if there is, delete the old WorldGuard and install the new one?

    I've also heard that the new Minecraft 1.7.2 will "dupe" your iEconomy plugin. What does that mean? Like, will it break it, erase the memory, what? See, I'm really disappointed that they can't release an update that doesn't break a couple hundred different things, because then it takes several days for that to get fixed. This means my server is down for about four days, due to the fact I believe vanilla servers aren't fun and useless.

    Lastly, speaking of WorldGuard, are you experienced in using it? The people I asked on the WorldGuard page (the page that has all the information on it, download link, etc.) were pretty much useless, and in fact, just about nobody was helping people to begin with. I was wondering if perhaps you could help me?
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    That's exactly what I meant.


    I have no idea what you're on about with the "dupe" thing regarding any economy plugins :S

    Yes, I am experienced in using WorldGuard and have helped a few server set it up. I may be able to help you.
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    On the main page it says that the new Bukkit Build, which is compatible with 1.7.2, will "dupe" your economy plug-ins and cause numerous other problems, thus suggesting you wait for a fix from Mojang or another build from Craftbukkit.

    And thank goodness you're experienced with it, because I am surely not. Basically, the problem is whenever I try to deny the use of a lavabucket, people can still use them. What I did was told it to ignore the Admins and Moderator groups, meaning groups like Un-registered and Members - in theory - should be unable to use them.

    To test it out I spawned some lava blocks, dug a 2x1 trench, and filled it with lava. My friend, who is listed as a member when I checked the Permissions, used his own bucket and was not only able to pick up the lava, but he was able to place it as well. This is a major concern because so far BigBrother and WorldGuard are the only anti-grieving measures our server has.

    Any thoughts? We were thinking that possibly spawning the lava instead of finding a natural source allowed this to happen. At the same time, I was wondering if maybe Permissions and WorldGuard weren't cooperating fully, therefore meaning it doesn't recognize Jake1996 (the member who tested the lava) as a member, allowing him to bypass the WorldGuard blacklist.

    If you want, I can post some screenshots showing my Permissions, as well as my WorldGuard, or anything else you need to try and resolve the problem. If push comes to shove, I'm more than willing to uninstall and reinstall WorldGuard. After all, I probably will have to do so regardless thanks to the new updates.
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    So can I actually have some help here. I own a 1.2.4 CraftBukkit server and KNOW that 1.2.5 is coming out
    soon, so I was wondering if to update it I could just keep everything but delete the CraftBukkit.jar and then I
    re-download the latest version then it has all the files dosent have to create new ones and I still have my old
    stuff saved, will that work?

    LOL btw im releasing the 1.2.5 VERY soon so please tell me how to update the server

    -(your god king) notch

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  7. a) Stop pretending to be Notch, if you were the real deal you'd know how to read a wiki.
    b) Delete the old Craftbukkit.jar and download the BETA build for 1.2.5, rename to the same as the one you just deleted and put it in the same place, your plugins should be fine but you might get some errors, check for 1.2.5 related plugin updates/issues reported.
    c) This post is nearly a year old, why are you randomly reviving a very old post?
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    LOL it was funny to be notch i mean, come on!

    and thx for the help!

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