How to teleport a spider jockey?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Bobcat00, Jul 4, 2014.

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    I want to teleport a spider jockey. The skeleton shows up as being in a vehicle (the spider). If I attempt to teleport the spider, it seems to fail. So does anyone know how to teleport the spider jockey?
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    Unmount, teleport spider, mount?
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    So far the best solution to teleporting entities with passengers/vehicles is a recursive loop that unmounts, teleports, and mounts again. I created something like this and I recommend that if you do this, to add a bit of a delay (I chose 3 ticks) between each step, as doing it all at once generally produces some buggy behavior.
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    that reminds me of having to setup arch linux...
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    I don't care that much if the jockey arrangement stays intact, so I simply eject the skeleton, then teleport both of them. It works well.

    I simply check if the spider has a passenger. Interestingly, I was unable to do the reverse -- check that the skeleton is in a vehicle and the vehicle is a spider -- because it appears there's no way to check that a vehicle is a spider. At least I couldn't find a way.

    Here's what I ended up doing:
    // Handle spider and chicken jockeys
    if (((entity.getType() == EntityType.SPIDER) &&
        !entity.isEmpty() && (entity.getPassenger() instanceof Skeleton)) ||
        ((entity.getType() == EntityType.CHICKEN) &&
        !entity.isEmpty() && (entity.getPassenger() instanceof Zombie)))
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