How to set rank ladders in PermissionsEx????

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by EmperorXing, Nov 23, 2011.

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    Hello guys,
    I need to learn how to set up the PermissionsEx "rank-ladders". I know the node for this ispermissions.user.promote.<ladder>, but i NEED to know how to setup the ladder, so my Moderators can promote people! I've been trying to figure this for HOURS!
    This may be wrong, but @t3hk0d3 Can you PLEASE help me?

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  2. @EmperorXing
    I have a feeling I gave you a link to how to set this up before... I may be wrong though.

    Just follow what @t3hkod3 has already documented for you on the PermissionEX wiki.

    To quote from it:

    Show Spoiler

    If your still not sure after reading through that, then I will try help you out - This should really be all you need though.
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    @shadrxninja Yes, I've read through that about 6 times, yet I STILL don't understand it. -.- Please help?
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    Just do "pex promote "you username"

    Dont do
    pex promote user "username" That wont work :p
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    You don't have to use ladders you can just use the same permission node but without the ladder part.
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    This seriously makes no sense to me, it just says that the user is not in the ladder. please! someone help me! :'(
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    Try watching this video:

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    @Apachekiller This wasnt much help. I know how to do this stuff already.

    Pleasee help anyone!
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    Just follow as it they did in the video then just give your mods this permission node: permissions.user.promote WITH OUT THE LADDER
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    Have you set the "rank" option for each rank?

    For example:
                rank: '100'
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    I'm having this SAME problem! HOW DO YOU CREATE LADDERS?!?!?!?
    Right now i feel like just deleting this plugin.

    Y'know what, I will. Bye problems!

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    I can see that this thread is a little old, however I thought I'd post the node that worked for me.

    I also kept getting the same problem relating to the "ladder"

    I'd use /pex promote user
    and it would tell me, I did not have permission to promote on this "ladder"

    The permissions that you need to add, are:

    - permissions.user.promote.default
    - permissions.user.demote.default

    default is the name of the ladder, if you only have 1 ladder in your PermissionEx permissions.yml
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    In my opinion, this is simple.

    If you have the permission (permissions.*) you are then able to create ladders. Think as this as my permissions file:

    default: true
    default: false
    default: false

    We can use these ranks for example. IN GAME, type /pex group guest rank 1 Free (Free is just my ladder name.)
    Then, type /pex group Member rank 2 Free. Then, /pex group Builder rank 3 Free. As you can see where I am going with this. Basically I will do a template just in case: /pex group {GROUPNAME} rank {# In ladder} {LADDERNAME}. Groupname= What your group is called. # in ladder is like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and keep going, depending on where your group stands. and Laddername is whatever ladder you want to create/join.

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  14. The author of PermissionsEx is busy enough; he has spare time to deal with people who won't help themselves.
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