How to send player all console logs

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by william9518, Jan 20, 2013.

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    title :D i want to be able to send logs from the console to the player.
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    Why would you do that? That would just be spamming the player. Don't do that.


    Have you noticed which sub forum you're in?

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    For server admins that want to see any errors etc
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    So spam them with hundreds of messages? Server admins can just look at the logs themselves
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    Your not helping!
    EDIT: and of course they will get a toggle command which I already made. I just need a way to get the log from the console.
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    I'm trying to dissuade you from doing this, as it is a bad idea
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    read my EDIT.
    and its for ADMINS, not OWNERS! owners sure can look on the frickin console, but in a rented 24/7 server, admins wont have perms!
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    But why concern admins with server errors? Most won't be able to do anything with a stack trace
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    OMG...... Some will... at least they can REPORT the stupid error! If you're not gonna help me with this, stop posting here!
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    It'd be better off if you checked if you read the server.log to check for recent errors and tell the admin there are some error and he should ask someone to check... maybe
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    ZeusAllMighty11 Retired Staff

    If you REALLY want to spam the hell out of the player... Look into 'BufferedReader'
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    Sorry, I'm on tapatalk. It lists all recent items...
    It was also around 1 am..
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    william, register a handler on the logger that send its toward a players that registered on list, dont forgot to check if you talking inside the main server thread
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    Yes... Plugin developement! im making a plugin so admins can see logs!@
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    or scanner which can be easier.
    pass the scanner a bufferedinputstream(if it exists)
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