How to Prevent DDOS

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Pendar2, Jan 24, 2013.

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    My server has been attacked a few times today with ddos. I know who it is. I want to prevent this stuff from happening in the future. I don't mind spending the money to prevent ddos because I want my players to have the best game experience. Any recommendations on how I can stop the attacks.

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    Spend $5 and attack him back? Cheaper than $200. Anyways, check out javapipe.
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    How to prevent a ddos, don't piss anybody off :p
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    People be crazy. Some people DDOS for fun.
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    Could use some help here too. I have been the target of several up to 12 hour attacks. My host simply null routes it to prevent damage to the dedicated server.

    If anyone has some experience with this, please chime in!
  6. If i remember right (short term memory), we just had the ip of the NCP test server changed by the hoster due to DDOS.
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    Changing IP wont help if you are using a domain. Like Mc.ExampleCraft.Com. They can resovle the IP behind it in o.1 seconds.
  8. That's right - and we don't use a domain for it for that and other reason. I just wanted to add to the point that ddos does happen with Minecraft, more likely to happen to bigger servers or those that some people don't like (anti-hack plugin dev).
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    You can't 'prevent' a DDoS attack, you can do lots of migations.

    1) Hardware Firewall.
    2) Early Detection & Blocking of remote ip's
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    You definately need both hardware firewall and software protection in order to filter the further attacks.
    Once you stop one kind of attack, the attacker uses another method and so on.
    In case if you have a ddos protection server/service, the attacks are filtered automatically, all you can notice is a small lag for a few seconds until it's detected and filtered.
    Mostly it's unnoticeable.
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