How to override server features?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Terrav, Sep 8, 2020.

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    Hello, I was wondering how I could remove the following features and implement them myself:
    • Delivering player messages
    • Player join/leave messages
    • Supplying the MOTD
    and I also want to know how to implement these features:
    • Custom crafting
    • Adding new items (and managing their behavior)
    • Adding hover information in chat
    • Showing players a leaderboard
    • Multiple worlds
    I can't seem to easily find anything about this on any wiki or even a Google search.
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    What do you mean? Do you want to send a message to a player, or maybe change the message format?

    The PlayerJoinEvent and PlayerQuitEvent has methods for setting the messages.

    As in the MOTD on the server list or in the chat when a player joins? The first one can be achieved using the ServerListPingEvent and the second one can be achieved by just sending the player a message when they join.

    What do you mean by "custom"? Do you want your own GUI or do you just want custom recipes?

    You cannot create new items but, i believe you can create custom recipes for items with custom data, such as name, lore, NBT, etc.

    Hover information? Like the possibilities with tellraw in vanilla? You can achieve this using Spigot's ChatComponent API and the HoverEvent from it.

    Do you mean a scoreboard set to display in the sidebar? If so, you can create a new scoreboard using Bukkit#getScoreboardManager()#getNewScoreboard(), then you can do whatever you want from there.

    Could you elaborate on this part? Multiple worlds what? Do you want to create new worlds? Support multiple worlds? If you want to create a new world, you can do that using Bukkit#createWorld(WorldCreator).
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    I am not pretending to be mean , but i just googled everything in that list and i found it , just type "bukkit player join/leave messages", i mean i even found youtube tutorials ;)
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