How To merge Plugins?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by brandcool86, May 28, 2012.

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    Hi There,
    How do i merge plugins for example: Some servers have like just 1 plugin and they have merged into that plugin world edit, esssentials and things like that? Does anyone know how?
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    Trust me, You are going to want to have all the plugins separated when creating a server :) It may be a little more work but that is part of the fun.
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    kk thanks
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    One does not simply merge existing plugins...
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    I've seen it done before by ( Tell me if u wanna see ip :p ) They had all their plugins merged in to 1 so when u did /plugins it had 1 plugin with their custom name with all the plugins in it! Not shure how.. probably lots of code...
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    Actually that was a statement related to LOTR.

    But yes it's possible, but pointless...
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    There is plugin that can disable /plugin command, add fake ones or remove some from list.
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    Wrong. If you are the manager of a plugin, on one of the options to control your project it even says "Merge Project".
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    They are simply overriding the output of the /plugins command. There is no way to package plugins without heavy refactoring.
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    As I said to original poster:
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    There is.. I think, try this plugin " My Command " it can replace /plugins with the type 'text' so that when people enter "/plugins" it will appear
    =============Minecraft Plugins===========
    Essentials, MinecraftServerPack, Blabalbla
    =============Minecraft Plugins===========
    if need help configuring it, you can ask me :)
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