How to make a plugin

Discussion in 'Resources' started by captainawesome7, Jul 12, 2011.

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    How to make a plugin
    1. Use the site's search bar to find a plugin similar to the one you are going to make
    2. If you find one, continue to step 3. If you don't, skip to step 4
    3. Decide not to make one because a plugin with a similar function that does the job has already been made. If you make one anyways and copy somebody's source, a bloated ostrich will sneak into your house in the middle of the night and stomp on you until you die (unless the author allows you to copy his source). If your plugin is any sort of creeper nerf or has anything to do with blocking/notifying placement of TNT, don't make it.
    4. Look at the plethora of plugin tutorials at your disposal, and make a plugin. If you get stuck, ask for help in Plugin Development.
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    This topic isn't helpful :confused:
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    i think its suppose to be a bit of comedy? or just, a tutorial for pre=planning
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    Mainly pre-planning. If you just randomly think "I want to make a plugin!" you definitely need to read this. Obviously there are a ton of plugins that accomplish the exact same thing as other ones, and if you don't look before you make one you're just adding to the clutter.
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    then you add a link to HOW to make a plugin. that was what i was expecting too.
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    Let me tell you, these ostriches are not to be messed with. They're devious little bastards.
  7. unless of course its for learning purposes. I found it very helpful to find simple plugins look at their code and try to recreate them myself (then not releasing them obviously)
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    Just.. think about how they work and look up the methods in the javadocs?
    If they're simple plugins, what are you learning?
  9. did you seriously just bump a 2 year old thread
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  10. Because i was a total noob with literally no experience. We all have to start somewhere. Also i learn by doing not just reading about it. Just retyping it out myself helped me learn
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