How to make a donation plugin like BuyCraft?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by football70500, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Does anyone know how to make a donation plugin like BuyCraft? My server admin and I could really use that.
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    Why you don't use BuyCraft? I know this is not the right question if you're asking for help, but what's the problem with BuyCraft???
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    Simple Answer:Lots and lots of work.

    Complicated Answer: You need to know SQL and Connecting to it, Interaction with PHP/Webpages, TCP/UDP Socket Connection. (That is all just for the Java plugin the following is for the web page), PHP/HTML, Paypal API/Other Payment Methods, SQL/Database Connection and Storage (for accounts and packages). And that is all just the very basic things you would need to know to make a simple version.
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    idont want to use BuyCraft because i dont know if its safe or if it will steal my admin's paypal
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    As buycraft Clearly states on thier website "We do not touch the payment in any way" (not a word for word qoute, but close)
    The money from paypal goes Directly to you the only thing BuyCraft does is listen for paypal saying "the payment has been completed". Once it hears that it will issue whatever commands you tell it to ingame. I've bought it, I'm using it and I love it.
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    I want to know is buycraft a custom paypal, ETC page generator.
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