How to make a 1.8 Server (mostly)

Discussion in 'General Help' started by killerwbb, Sep 27, 2014.

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    Here is a way to get a bukkit type server (spigot) with 1.8 features.

    First is find and download spigot build 1649 jar. (you can find this by looking in mirrors or asking server owners if they can give you the jar.)
    Next go to and download the latest patch and the spigot patcher.
    open spigot patcher and apply the patch to the jar.
    upload the jar to your server or drop the jar in your server directory if it is on local machine.
    run server then stop it to generate the files.
    download and drop the plugin called Carbon ( into your plugins directory. This enables some 1.8 blocks.
    Next download protocolblocker and set it to the protocol to block all 1.7.x clients.
    Add any plugins you may want but make sure it can work with Carbon. if it doesnt work with carbon then when you try to use a 1.8 block like doors or slimeblocks you will disconnect immediately.
    There you go your server is running 1.8(kindof)
    Blocks that currently work:
    - Diorite (w/ Polished)
    - Andesite (w/ Polished)
    - Granite (w/ Polished)
    - Sponge (w/ Wet Sponge)
    - Slime Blocks
    - Barrier Blocks
    - All fence variants
    - All door variants
    - Prismarine (w/ Variants)
    - Sea Lantern
    - Rabbit meat (w/ Cooked)
    - Rabbit's foot (useless)
    - Rabbit's hide (useless)
    - Rabbit Stew
    - Mutton (w/ Cooked)
    - Sponges are useless, however, wet sponges can be turned into dry sponge with a furnace.
    - Slime blocks are glitchy, when pushed by a piston, they disappear client-side
    - Red Sandstone slabs do not function as actual half-blocks, therefore, they do not stack normally.
    - Sponges make stone sounds when placed
    - Torches cannot be placed on colored fences
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    As long as you update Carbon it will fix the issues and add more 1.8 features.
    1.8 block generation is now enabled.
    plugin has a config file so you can list which world you want the 1.8 blocks in and configure if you want sheep to drop mutton
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    You do know it's illegal to distribute DMCA content?
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    That's about as legit as this
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    The sponge issue may be fixed by listening for block placement ;)
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    Rabbit's foot can be used in jump boost potion so it's not 'useless'

    and sponge isn't useless either it soaks water

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    This is pretty Useful. There has been updates to Carbon so the stuff He mentioned that were not available are available. Though slimeblocks are still glitchy.
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