How to know if a block is naturraly or not ?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Emphytos, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Hi every body,

    I want to made a jobs plugin.

    And I want to know if a block is naturaly or not, because if a player place a block and destroy it, he will get money

    Thanks :)
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    The only way to do that would be making a log, because if a player destroys a naturally placed block, but places it back, it's still the exact same block. This log would get pretty huge eventually though
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    What you of course could do to keep the log at a smaller size, is keep a time stamp at the placed block, and remove it from the log if the block is say older then 2 hours. Though on a massive server this might still make a HUUUUGE log.

    The only downside of this system would be that if a player places a block, waits 2 hours and breaks it, it would no longer count as a "player placed block".
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    Yeah so basically you will need to have a server with lots of RAM :p
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