How to Install Bukkit (Newb-Friendly!)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TheArcher, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Okay just to make sure im not the only one getting this dose any body else get in to the world for like 1 second then it kicks them out and gives them this ero?
    Connection Lost
    Internal exception: malformed input around byte 1

    And in the CMD i get Software caused connection abort: socket write error
    at Method)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet53BlockChange.a(SourceFile:35)
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet.a(SourceFile:106)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.e(SourceFile:142)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.d(SourceFile:15)
    And if anybody has a fix for this w i would love to hear it and you would be helping the community of Bukkit and Hmod out :)
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    I think i figured out how to install it on mac, but i run into one problem. After completing steps, i click on serverstart.command to run it, after of course putting it into terminal with chmod a+x. It starts to run, then says cant access craftbukkit acess denied.
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    Ok, the freaking console box keep disapearing on me right after I try to open it... Why did we have to switch from hey0?!
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    happened to me too; find my code taht fixes this on page 9
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    Whenever i place a block the CMD keeps saying:
    "at org.bukkit.ItemStack.setTypeID<>
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftItemStack.getType<>" like a bazillion times.
    Anyone know how to fix this?
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    For anyone having trouble, please refer to the warning at the start of the thread.

    Also, enjoy the revamping!
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    I have run earlier snapshots but the most recent one has not been working for me. The cmd prompt just dissapears (ik others have posted about this too, even I) but no matter what I try it still wont work :l
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    same thing except without the cmd error just a disconnect message
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    i feel stupid asking but i have to^^
    i made a server its my first and its running well (i think)
    what i whant to know is:
    1. Is this what i made a dedicated server? (what i really whant to know is can other people also join without hamachi or lan mode)
    2. If yes how can i give it a name?
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    If you are behind a firewall then all you need to is open a port and direct that port to the IP that the sever is running so they get to it other wise the only other way to get to server is if you were have people VPN (hamachi ) into a separate box and then tunnel over to the server. I hope that explains it well enough.
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    Look at the post above yours.

    A dedicated server is a computer that has a single purpose: Running the server and not doing anything else. As for the second question, what are you talking about?
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    @TheArcher I know we are still in DEV mode could possibly when you update the links put the current version of the bukkit and Craftbukkit in the text? I hope that made sense?
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    I was thinking of doing that.
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    Well great mind think alike. !!!
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    Yes thanks u helped a lot

    never mind...^^
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    You are most welcome I am always glad to help.
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    latest not working for me i cant join it it runs the window stays up and all but cant join it :( fail o well back to waiting also all the plugins seemed to crash it no matter what i did when i did have it working.
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    New design is live (phew). Changes include:
    -Better design
    -More accurate "Last Updated"
    -List of Bukkit and CraftBukkit builds being used

    Now all we need is a Mac tutorial.
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    uhh...does the craftbukkit #16 work ok?
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    Yes we do​
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    Question.. Is this supposed to work regardless of what version Minecraft is currently in? I think I read that's one thing it was supposed to do, but not sure. I'm having an issue, if I use the regular client (that autoupdates and runs the most current version) it connects for a split second and then disconnects with an error.. However, if I use a roll back tool to run version Beta 1.1_02 I can log in fine. So I'm wondering if this is a problem with Bukkit itself, or if it's just because Minecraft updated again today and the version Bukkit is currently on is for a previous Minecraft version.
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    Bukkit is unable to keep up with the newest Minecraft updates, hence the various error replies filling this thread.
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    Ahh okay thanks. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't some odd error on my end. Guess there's nothing to be done atm except wait for the new version.
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    Try the download again.
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    bukkit isn't at v1.2 yet so trying to connect with client v1.2 will result in instant d/c
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    ...and now it works. Any errors people encounter now should be isolated.

    Enjoy! I definitely need to find some plugins.
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    Sweet.. Now I gotta figure out how to get everything configured like it was on hMod... I'm no coder and it took hours of playing with things to figure out what I was doing <_<

    Plugins seem like hit or miss at this point.
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    Cmon, i cant be the only guy with a mac that wants to run a Bukkit server. Cmon mac people, make a tutorial!
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    Please keep up with the forums before posting comments, Bukkit has NOT been released to the public, but YES it has been modded for Minecraft 1.2.
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    I'm currently running my server with Bukkit on Beta 1.2. I have no problems, server runs very well. Managed to peak up at 60 players and had no problems. Occasional timeouts for some reason, still get one error regarding NetworkManager or whatnot for some reason. Other than that, no problems at all. I have Guardian, General and MyHome installed.

    Overall I'm very happy with bukkit! Keep up the good work.
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