How to Install Bukkit (Newb-Friendly!)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TheArcher, Jan 7, 2011.

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    you may need to eleberate somewhat chap :)

    had a look on the first page, only post i can find from you is saying that its running the vanilla server? thats impossible since the vanila server is not included in the files however in its present pre release state the server may not feel too much from vanila, look in the folder see if its created a plugins folder? if it has then you have the right files and to change it from vanila drop some pluggins in there

    edit: i am not affiliated with bukkitt by the way just my observation from when i ran the files
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    Thanks for the help. I was actually expecting a bit like hMod with some built in custom commands and custom rank, with the extra properties. I added a plugin, and it worked fine.
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    The links are all throwing a 502 bad gateway, and have been for at least an hour. Just a heads up; not sure where else to put this.
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    yeah me too to be honest but then its early days, and so far i like that you dont need to add the plugins to the server propities file (a minor change but a welcome one) still dont see whats wrong with hmod though its close to perfect :)
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    QFT! Anyone got a mirror?
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    It looks like it, albeit maybe an old version. All the class files I see look correct enough, though I don't currently have a file to compare that with. It is possible that someone hid something interesting in the code. I am not too worried; I am not using that on a production server, or even anything connected to the internet. It doesn't come up as a virus or anything else, so I'm going to use this, at least until an official mirror pops up.

    Thank you dark navi.
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    Well this build does not load plugins.. Also it loads an extra console window for some reason as It looks like onlt the default software.
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    Yeah, just found that out. Must be *really* old. Or possibly something bogus.

    I'm gonna go change my password now...
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    I did too - that's not my concern. How hard would it be to have it tell the client to send the authentication details to a non-official source? I'm not saying he did do that, just that it's theoretically possible. I'm also somewhat paranoid about security at times. (This may actually be impossible; I've never looked at that facet of things before. I know the details are never sent straight to the server, but the server could possibly tell users where to authenticate to, maybe. Anyway I am rambling in parenthesis so I'm going to stop now.)
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    I also worry about security that's why I pointed out his upload. I hope their was nothing in it as I'm not a coder or know what to look for if anything is hidden in a file.
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    dark navi

    :confused: sorry, I can take down the link if you guys don't want it. It was a version I snagged when I first saw the site go up. So yes, it is most likely an older build.
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    Yeah, that's what I figured. I don't mean to go after you or anything. I just sometimes go paranoid like that.
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    If you have an antivirus, you should be fine. If you worry that much about downloading files, you probably shouldn't be on this forum (or even on the internet).
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    ... I just pointed out how someone could slip something in there that no antivirus program would ever pick up because it is not a virus or malware. Files that are not from an official source are always questionable, and antivirus programs are not a foolproof way to avoid problems. Common sense is a necessity too, and in this situation, common sense dictates that a person should exercise an amount of caution. The user that posted this is not yet a well-known member of the community, and while he seems like a nice guy, there's always the possibility that one of those nice guys is actually out to harm others, or steal things from them.

    That comment was really rude, and somewhat misinformed.

    Blah... really want the official mirror to come back up so I can start work on my plugin, though I could probably use the old version for now. Not being able to test is kind of a major downside though. D:

    Edit: Yay its back!

    Edit: broke again. Here's craftbukkit build 230 which I managed to get before it poofed. It seems to work alright, though I've tested nothing. No gui at all, and strangely enough not even a command line.

    Build #230 (Please use - Selbram)
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    I keep seeing windows used for hosting !

    Anyone using windows to hosting anything is one lost individual, and needs guidance !

    Just saying, if you have a passion for your server and want unmatched performance and stability

    pick a linux distro, I suggest Ubuntu Server Edition to lose your virginity too. she is one sexy beast =]
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    Well considering most game hosts use windows your post isn't really quite up to par. Also dedicated hosting with windows is as good... I use both Linux and Windows and lets say I like windows by far for hosting.

    TheArcher -- I'm aware of whats out there just java is a new format to me and virus's are easier to inject threw them then any other form of injection. Seems people are the same everywhere with senseless and rude comments. Next time if you don't have anything intellectual to say don't say it. K thx bye.

    Can we get back on topic and get a link to the latest compiled version that's with a trusted link by a mod/team member. Thanks
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    Perhaps you should apply that same criticism to yourself.
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    On both Linux and Windows, it gives me this error:

    Invalid or corrupt jarfile craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
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    dark navi

    Are you running it clean, as in by its self, or is it loading other data?
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    It's clean, the only thing in there is minecraft_server.jar

    Opps, I thought you were saying any files added to the folder. My bad, to answer your question better; The file itself is clean, nothing is edited inside it or anything. I simply downloaded it, made a bat, n executed. The cmd prompt popped up for a split second then closed, I added pause at the end of the bat and it gave me that error.

    As for linux..I downloaded the files made a new execute script and executed it, nothing I just did it threw the console (Using arch); and it gave me the exact same thing.

    Side note, I'm using 2 different yeah. It's why I decided to post it. Because I wouldn't think it'd be on my end since I'm using 2 different computers, unless I'm skipping a step or some thing.
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    I just redownloaded my post and tried it in a separate directory. It works just fine; you might try a redownload. (Though I did spawn on a tree this time..) Sorry you're having problems. :<
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    Actually, I was using the original posts download. I didn't realize it was a broken build, I just downloaded yours and now it works! Thanks man! :D
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    ...This couldn't be any more incorrect. Try running a 32 bit binary on 64 bit Linux and see how far you get without installing, and in some cases building, an entire slew of side by side 32 bit compat libraries. Guess what? Any OS that's running 32 bit binaries in a 64 bit native system needs 32 bit compatibility libraries.

    Windows doesn't care where a binary is either. That's just a naming convention.
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    Is this information (installation of bukkit by OP) still going to be relevant when bukkit is officially released?
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    The downloads should be back up now.

    Of course.
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    SO i will have to go through all these same steps again? is there going to be an easier way eventually?
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    we have a teamspeak 3 server if yall want to join and mess with this wonderful new toy togeather =D
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    sum dude

    ok it might be just me but when i click on the links to download. it opens a window with what looks like 2 programes but i cant download them. if i click on them it opens another page and i cant right click and save as because it just saves the web page.
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    i dont understand how to download thoes two files
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