How to Install Bukkit (Newb-Friendly!)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TheArcher, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Don't just rename the file though - download craftbukkit and run the command on the craftbukkit jar. Bukkit is just the API for devs to use.

    I'll leave the n00b help to you, Mr Tallest. :p
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    Thanks TNT it is always great when people have a sense of humor. and THBBBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
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    Haha; Yeah, I already have a working server off the craftbukkit.jar.

    I was nosey and wanted to see the difference between the bukkit and craftbukkit since im looking into start developing some plugins [​IMG]
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    Ahhh I understand better now. I am not a DEV. Tkelly and Nijikokun as well as Afforess are burning up the stage on the Dev front. I would send a PM to one of them asking.
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    Oh. *facepalm*. It's not the same thing and can't be ran the same. Look into the plugin development forum for more help on plugin dev. Unfortunately, I cannot help with that either.
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    Ah, ok. Thanks for the help guys [​IMG]
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    Okay I follow all the instructions and click the server starter and cmd comes up saying

    Unable to access jarfile craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
    Press any key to continue . . .

    Then i hit a key and cmd just closes.
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    Open a CMD window and type the following line java -version if you get back nothing you need to put the Java folder in your system path variable. If it returns with the version number run the .bat file from the CMD window. Post what you get back in your next post .

    What OS are you running by chance?
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    I was running in the same folder but kept getting the error, when i put in the path it worked :confused:
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    all i see are constant reposts of the same thing :/
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    just read ALL the pages before asking
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    But that takes time and energy and I want my server running NOW!!!

    Whenever I get the urge to smack someone after reading yet another post asking about something that's been discussed a million times, I go do something else... like smack someone in real life.
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    Pete and Repeat were on a bridge Pete fell off who was left ?
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    Assuming "Pete" and "Repeat" are the names of two different human beings, if "Pete" were to fall off of a bridge, "Repeat" would remain on the bridge.

    Assuming "Repeat" copies "Pete" (hence the "Re" in front of his or her name), there would be no one left on the bridge as "Repeat" would fall off of the bridge right after "Pete".
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    Technical dissections are the best.

    Anyay, I threw together a couple of shell scripts for you Linux and OS X users. I'm just adding a few more features and polishing them up, then I'll put links to them in my first post in this thread.

    Maybe TheArcher will put them in the parent post? :O

    [EDIT] Actualy, maybe I'll write a C++ program for it. :D
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    if you want your server to run just READ PAGE 9!!! lol i bundled a working version
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    If you want your server to run, just read ANY of the threads outlining how to set up a server. Provided the instructions are read and followed properly, they'll get it to work.
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    TheArcher I am wondering your link on the first post where you download Craftbukkit.jar from is that always pointing to the latest build of the .jar file or is that a link you must alter all the time ?
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    It points to the latest build. :)
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    Thanks, I don't think I've had a single "Thank You" for at least 3 pages.
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    yes but i made a simple bundle for the lazy ones!
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    I am trying to install this for mac, i have 1 problem, When i get to step 4 and open the terminal ill type
    /chmod +ugx/Users/[Username Here]/Desktop/Server\ Starter.command
    but put [Username here] as "austin".
    everything else including the name of the file and where it is at matches, i just need to know how to get it to recognize it. It just says no such file or directory exists, even though it is matched letter for letter on the desktop.

    Starter.command is the name of the file that step 2 or 3 told me to create.

    I am about ready to eat my mouse in frustration, thanks in advance and for the step by step guide that got me this far.
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    Eric Lim

    user not premium?
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    I get up to step 4 and heres what happens:
    new-host:~ jonahrab$ /chmod +ugx/Users/jonahrab/Desktop/starter.command
    -bash: /chmod: No such file or directory
    new-host:~ jonahrab$
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    You're missing a space. Should be:
    chmod +ugx /Users/jonahrab/Desktop/starter.command
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    I have the same problem as jon, tried what you posted but using my name, still no go.

    what do i type in the terminal if my FILE NAME IS starter.command, and my USERNAME IS austin?
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    any reason why my minecraft doesnt even work
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    Now i get this when i open it:
    new-host:~ jonahrab$ /Users/jonahrab/Desktop/starter.command ; exit;
    Unable to access jarfile craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
    [Process completed]
    anyone have an answer on how to fix this?

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    As it says in the tutorial, you only enter "Server\ Starter.command" if that is the name of your file. Because your file is called "Starter.command" (and your username is "austin"), you would put the following:

    /chmod +ugx/Users/austin/Desktop/Server.command

    Make sure the file you downloaded in "Step 2." is called, exactly, "craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT".

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