How To Improve Minecraft Server Performance

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TnT, Jan 15, 2011.

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    The best craftbukkit code is
    @echo off
    java -Xms1g -Xmx1g -jar CraftBukkit.jar --log-limit=10000 nogui
    where log-limit can be change to represent to number of lines to be in log
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    Why you have the view-distance on 15 is beyond me.

    Turn that 15 down to a 7 and your performance skyrockets. Even setting it to the default 10 would help. Most people don't have the specs to run 'Extreme' view distance so they can't even see 15.

    Furthermore, a lot of players play on normal if not short render distance so it still is a non-factor for players but you see large performance increases server side.
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    This is certainly true, lowering the render distance significantly improves performance and decreases ram usage. When I modified mine and dropped it down from 10 to 7 nobody even noticed, months later I have yet to see 1 single person mention it. 7 also seems to be the happy medium between extra performance and usability.

    As far as RAMdisk goes it is many times faster than even the high end enterprise level SSD cards, so it would certainly eliminate any disk I/O bottlenecks. On the other hand I think that unless your server is quite large it's perhaps slightly over the top and a good SSD would likely be sufficient. For a large server it could also require quite a bit of RAM for it, all of my worlds combined are 5.3GB (and parts aren't even generated yet) so to feel safe I'd want to at least start off with 6.5G, and would feel much safer at 7+. But I guess on a dedicated server with 32GB of RAM you could afford to do that if you wanted.
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    Could you possibly post a video... Im more of a visual learner. If not thats ok ill try my best to understand this mumbo jumbo xD
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    I know a way to get a lot of ram really cheap. You can use a usb flash drive. I can make a quick tutorial if you want. Reply to me if you want me to make it.
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    I am about to use ubuntu server for my Bukkit server. I was running it on lubuntu and Server Performance was no complaints for having it on basic hardware.
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    That's a bad idea. USB drives are very slow due to the restraints of USB. You'd just be slowing down the server by doing that.
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