How to get Player that a I am looking at?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by r0m3x, Dec 5, 2016.

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    Hi im trying to make a plugin so if Player1 holds a wither star and Player1's Cursor is on Player2 and Player1 right-clicks they swap locations, I was thinking maybe PlayerInteractEvent or something the look for the Action.RIGHT_CLICK_AIR. Is this possible? Ill try to respond as fast as possible.

    Thanks, r0m3x
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    1. On player interact
    2. If the player has a witherstar.
    3. Get the player's direction and the player's current location.
    4. build a while loop.
    5. Every time it loops, add the direction to the current location. Each time it loops, check if there a player within 0.5 Meters of that location. If so, the player is looking at that player.
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    I know how to do the wither star thing but how would I get if the player is looking at a player or not?
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    If you're asking for code, you will not get it. We are here to help you, not write your plugin for you. If you have a question about a specific step, post what you tried (try to do the step before posting) and what does not work/ what confuses you.
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    If you Google around, I'm pretty sure someone has already written the code for this.
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    Try what was said before, but maybe also try normalizing the player's direction before applying any mathematics to it?
    The Vector.normalize() method. What it does, from my understanding, is take a vector and set its magnitude to 1, but in the same direction. This will make things a bit easier, I guess. That's all I'll give you in terms of code.
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    What you need to do is obtain the bounding boxes of all nearby players within whatever range you want and apply a ray-box intersection algorithm.
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