How to get more players to join and stay on my server, and even donate?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by HazedCube, May 27, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    I was just wondering how I can get more people to join my server and stay on my server. I also need people to like it and donate, It's how I run the server.

    The server is only 30 slots, 750mb in memory, and has 20 plugins with 1 world. The server is RPG based, uses mcMMO, Factions, Auctions, Essentials and AntiCheat. I have set up a website, , which shows info about the server, staff and has a donations page. I need to try and get people onto my server, allow them to stay and become part of the community and donate.

    And also, I have posted on PlanetMinecraft and bump daily to get people to join.

    The IP is
    The donation page is

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    I joined, and my first feeling was "This isn't a professional server, I think I'm going to leave".
    Then I left.
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  3. Thanks for your help(!). And thanks for telling me what I need to do to improve the server(!).
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    Lol. Enjin...
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  5. What's wrong with Enjin? And also, thanks for helping me(!).
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    Enjin is literally the worst thing that has ever existed in the Minecraft community with the exception of Nodus. Basically they host a uncustomizable website with ads on it for free (While you advertize their stupid domain) and charge you 6x your normal price (Plus whatever you can earn in ads) to use their forum software. Overall it's my least favorite company, not because of the quality of their software, but because they overprice and milk people for every last penny. I like their graphics, but once again I hate the company as a whole. It's nothing personal, but it's very unprofessional.

  7. Pretty much every server I have played on for a while used Enjin, and I think that it is good, all though it does cost alot when you start paying. But it is still good when your website is on the Free Plan, IMO.
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    Meh, you're right and wrong. Not going into deep discussion but let's them learn on mistakes.
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  9. Glue, spit, and a whole lotta duct tape.
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  10. What?
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    I recommend you code your own website. I will show you one I made I used bootstrap to make it and it helped allot.
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    There is nothing wrong with using enjin. It's pretty user friendly and has plenty of great features that are useful for a minecraft community.

    As far as getting people to join your server, it's hard getting players to stay if you're server is nothing special but you do mention donating a lot which is not what you should be focusing on when building up a community ^,^
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    I just bought Invision Powered, a good alternative for a forum would be SMF or MyBB.

  14. I'm going to try it out, but I still see nothing wrong with Enjin.

    True. I think that my server IS something special, as it gives people a quick access into the survival aspect of things, without too much of big builds and a huge and confusing spawn.

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    Yea I do use smf :)
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    1. Get a better server. 750mb RAM doesn't support 30 slots.
    2. Get a different server. I've never seen a popular server that uses a GSP and non-25565 port.
    3. Get a different site. Enjin screams 30 minute server to me.

    ...and all this judgement is without even logging in.
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    HazedCube You should definately try coding your own flavour/variety of a website - I did for myself, and found it quite enjoyable... I know I probably won't ever make money off of minecraft, but I have made skills, like being able to code my own website. <--- Take a look if you want... I pay at current $2/month, although the xenforo licence did cost a pretty penny ($140), but is totally worth it. On a side note, these forums are powered by xenforo, best forum software - IMO. (Or at least the prettiest)

    The resources & home are custom coded to look like the forum theme, with the resources being managed by a great free, open-source system called MODx - There is a LOT of freedom compared to enjin

    winter4w If you want I can give you some tips on your website, to making it better ;) (I see some parts that might need slight touchups from a design standpoint)

    Add me on skype if you want to discuss this more : muffinjello
  18. Few things
    - Non abusive staff, absolutely fair.
    - You and your staff never be biased
    - Make the server really fun
    - Give good deals for donation ranks
  19. I have VERY kind staff, who stick to the rules I set them. We are never biased. The server is fun, and we make it fun, and I have spent a long time on the donation ranks.
  20. The reason players don't join and stay is because they don't think the server is worth it to play there
    Also, mcpvp gets a lot of players, because there is a lot of servers, there's hungergames, smash, custom plugins and everything, Have you tried making a server network?
  21. No, I can't afford it. I need donations to help run my server because I pay $7 a month for it.

    I'll give it a try, thanks. I do still feel that Enjin is ok for now, and I still don't see what people have against it, some bits are bad, yes, but it is very good as a temporary website, IMO.

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    I read your first post, and the minute I saw enjin I backed out.
    If you want things for free then "PhpBB" "Wordpress" "MyBB" "SMF" are your solutions NOT crappy ENJIN.

    756MB RAM is about 10 slots with heavy plugins like McMMO, do not try to do more than you can. It will create unnecessary lag.

    Also I really did not want to see another Enjin site after the 1000's I've visited but your site is plastered with "I need donations" if your server is costing $7 a month or whatever you should really reconsider it. It seems to me you want to run a server but have no interest in investing the money into it, another typical come and go server. You have to be willing to put money into it for it to last long, how do you expect people to donate when next month you could be possibly gone? do you understand what I'm saying you need to think real.

    Edit: My server started with 4 slots, yes 4, then we upgraded to 7 slots, people enjoyed it that they kept it alive for a month, then we became serious, designed our own site, forum, logo, youtube videos and increased our slots to 25, as players come not everyone will donate after all they just want to play the server you need to give commands out, and make changes as you go. Now we have a dedicated server with 120 slots, soon to be bungee.

  23. I have had the server open since March of last year, and have been paying for it out of my own money since then. I don't even have a job, since I'm 13. I have only recently started asking for donations when I added BuyCraft to my server and now DonationCraft for Enjin. I still don't see what is wrong with Enjin, all the big servers, LegendaryCraft, MineTown, they all use it. I, myself, have had a server website since December 2011, and like the layouts, the modules, the style etc.

    I have also been asking for donations to increase the server's memory to 1GB. This will cost me $10 a month, and will improve the server alot. I hope to increase the server's memory more, as my host does cheap prices, and I will be getting more money soon. I have good staff, very active, and have active players.
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    I don't understand what more you need then, you like enjin, you have active players and good staff.
  25. I just need a way to get more players on. People do come and go, but the ones that stay, say. And the ones that go, go. Whenever I update the PlanetMinecraft page, we only get about 5 people join, and 1 stays. We always have the same 40 or so players on throughout the day, and that is it. We have had over 200 unique players on, an out of that, only 30-40 are on regularly.
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    This. Invision Power Board and XenForo are the ultimate forum software (although I really like IPB) for Minecraft-based gaming communities. Stay clear of vBulletin and Enjin. If you don't want to pay for forum software, phpBB or MyBB are very good alternatives.
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    Your asking for advice and when we say something you keep defending it. Look at all the people bashing Enjin, so what if you think it's good. The MAJORITY here don't like it! It's cheap and makes the server feel like a pop up; as it's free to get a crappy website.Personally I wouldn't mind a worse designed/graphical website aslong as it isn't Enjin. It looks like you want money and thats all, but your not willing to even get a proper website for the server.
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    I laughed out loud when I read this post. Dinner for 1 person costs more than that... And you can't afford it once a month? What exactly are you doing trying to administrate a server... It might be better to stick with being a normal player.
  29. That is not the case. Yes, the majority of people here don't seem to like Enjin. But I have had a Enjin website for ages, and Im asking people how I can impoverish the server, and I believe the website would come last. As long as players on y server have a forums to join and a donation page, I'm happy for now. I'm only going to switch over to another software when I have the time and space.
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    I absolutely despise Enjin. xD

    Same, I feel in love with BootStrap after web developing for about a year and a half.

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