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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Retricide, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Over the past few weeks, I have seen too many posts which lack the quintessential components essential for receiving help. More over, and more concerning to me, is the negligence people express when asking for help. My intention with this thread is simple: I want to make everyone's life easier, resolve potential, yet common, conflicts, and help users get the help they need.

    A few things users should bear in mind when asking for ANYTHING on Bukkit.org:

    Bukkit is a free service.
    Bukkit is a 100% free service; no one, no matter what their title might say or what you might think, has any contractual obligation to develop anything for the community. Many people do, however, assume responsibility for updating/maintaining the Bukkit server mod or developing plugins, though they have no obligation to. These self-imposed responsibilities are prevalent throughout the entire Bukkit community, from the Administrators who create, maintain, and update the Bukkit server mod, to the plugin developers who pioneer and develop plugins, down to the members of the community who donate their time to helping new members. No one has any obligation, contractual or otherwise, to maintain anything in this fantastic community.
    While constructive criticism is okay and encouraged, disrespect, in any form, is condemned. The Bukkit-Mod developers and plugin-developers should never be subject to derision for any of their decisions concerning their creations. They spend their free time creating mods and plugins for the benefit of the community and should be praised, not criticized, for that. Do not debase or insult a plugin-developer for a decision that you do not agree with, such as not releasing their source code, as you have no rights to say so.
    Take away: Whenever posting anything on Bukkit.org, it is imperative that you, a member of the bukkit community, bear in mind the fact that everything done on Bukkit.org is volunteer work; all the time, money, and resources expended to maintain this colossal project are for your benefit.
    The least you can do is show the utmost respect, at all times, to the benevolent volunteers who comprise the Bukkit community.

    Everything takes time; don't expect your requests to be heard, considered, and carried out immediately.
    Considering everything on Bukkit.org is volunteer work, don't expect immediate responses or products. Professional developers and consultants are paid salaries, and fairly significant ones, for their unyielding time and attention. Even then, they are allotted time and resources, not to mention that money, to accomplish their tasks.
    Take away: Whenever you post on Bukkit.org, whether it be to request a plugin or to ask for help/assistance, be considerate and show respect to those whom you are receiving a plugin, service, or help from. Do not expect an immediate response within 10 minutes, or even 10 hours. Never ask when a Bukkit build will be released; they are the most time intensive and takes hours, days, even weeks, to make. Never push the envelope by asking when it will be ready. They Failure to acknowledge this will usually result in you not receiving help. Excessive bumping, in my opinion, should not be tolerated and will usually deter anyone who might have been willing to help you.

    You, as a member of the Bukkit community, are not entitled to anymore than I am; everyone is equal on Bukkit.org and, accordingly, should receive the same rights and privileges.
    When asking for help or requesting a plugin, show respect and abide by the two above suggestions.
    Further more, get off your "high-horse" and accept the fact that everyone is equal. The aura of superiority, that some members of the community currently maintain, is abhorring.
    More so, do not expect people to start groveling when you offer "real money." As mentioned above, hiring a professional developer is very expensive. Do not assume that offering a reward of five or ten dollars entitles you to a professional quality plugin or help service. Rewarding those who help you is appreciated, but it does not entitle you to anything more. It shows you appreciate the help or service you received, nothing more nor less.
    Take away: Everyone is equal on Bukkit.org; act accordingly.

    If you abide by those three ideas, I personally GUARANTEE you'll receive quicker, more comprehensive, and pin-pointed help. If you don't know how to specifically follow those concepts, here's are some suggestions:
    - Read the Stickies! If you want help, we need the correct information. Always abide by this sticky when posting on Bukkit.org
    - Check that your problem, or requested plugin, hasn't been asked/answered or made prior!
    Use the search feature in Bukkit; it's in the top right hand corner and dying for you to use it.
    - Use correct grammar and spelling! If you are not a native speaker, say so. That does not mean you are exempt; try your best to make verbalize your problem/request, and be ready to clarify if asked.
    - Organize your thoughts! I can't emphasize this enough. Before posting anything, think about what you're asking. Don't just vomit whatever crosses your mind onto the keyboard.
    Make sure you think about what you're asking and that it is clear and coherent. I've spent countless hours revising all my posts, before posting them. This is the most important aspect to receiving quality help or service.

    If it's evident that you've spent time organizing your thoughts and writing your post, and you show due respect when asking for help, you will, undoubtedly, receive high quality and pleasant help.

    These are strictly my beliefs, though I know many people in the community share the same ideas. If anything here is unclear, or if anyone has any formatting suggestions, please say so. Also, If anyone has any other suggestions, or pet-peaves, please tell me. I will be more than happy to edit this post to reflect the thoughts of our fantastic community.

    @TnT @ChrizC @NuclearW @MonsieurApple
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    Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    I say that they should all take a look at this thread before posting.
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    Yeah, maybe I'll make that bigger. I just wanted to voice my thoughts and give some information on how to post, not what to post.
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    One small grammatical mistake. It probably should read:
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    Thanks, fixed it. Can't believe I overlooked such a glaring mistake, but thanks for pointing it out.
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    No problem.
    That's the only thing I saw when I read through...
    It is also now at the top of the forum again!
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