How to disable building in World

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by pinedamark102, Jan 30, 2021.

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    How to disable building in World
    but only can build in Claimblocks (Grief Prevention)
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    There is a plugin called "WorldGuard". It allows you to create "regions" ie. areas, which then can be claimed by players. You can modify "flags" on each region. One of the flag disables building.

    And now, after that short introduction:
    One of the regions is called "__global__" and it goes for the whole world. So you can type:
    /rg flag __global__ build deny
    It will disable building for non-admin players on the whole world. After that you can create regions, in which you want players to build. Each region has it's own priority. The higher priority number, the more important it's rules are. __global__ has infinitely small value. So every region you make would overwrite it (only inside this region, of course).

    I *think* it should work with Claimblocks without any problems. So you disable building on the whole world and when players claim their regions, it would automaticaly allow them to build inside of them.

    I hope everything I wrote is clear. If not, feel free to ask.
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