How to delete threads and posts?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ChillierNsx94, Oct 11, 2012.

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    How can I delete threads and posts on here?
    Obviuolsy the threads or posts that I made of course.

    Also how to PM users

    Also if you can change or delete your account too.
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    To delete a thread, just report your own thread and say "Please delete or lock under my request"
    Posts you can delete by yourself.

    To delete a curse account you would need to talk to one of the ADMIN's of bukkit.
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    No, you actually need to talk to Curse. However, I don't think its possible at this time.

    Back in my day, we just changed our passwords to some long string of random characters/numbers/words and left it at that without writing it down or memorizing it.
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    Right on, keeping that in mind thought you lads would do it. :p I do remember lukegb provided information about it here on bukkit onto their curse site. However since you stated it is not possible I think it is irrelevant.
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