How to Completely Stop Griefers

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Feriscool, Sep 9, 2012.

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    My brother's server gets griefed every month, and every time he cries about it, and tells me there's no way to stop griefers. I always ask him, "how do you think other servers never get griefed?".

    My question is, how can he completely stop griefing? Are there any plugins you suggest?

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    It's basically impossible to STOP grief. You can take extensive measures to prevent and fix it, by getting plugins such as GriefPrevention and LogBlock.
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    Protect the builds with a protection plugin.
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    He did, and griefers could still get through it.
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    Then he did something wrong. Factions is a popular plugin for this and also use plugins such as NoCheatPlus to stop "hackers" as good as possible.
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    I know that he used multiple anti-grief plugins, and I'll get him to try the ones you suggested.

    What's a good thing to do if someone majorly griefed your server?
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    Seriously, if you want to completely stop griefers and get a fully automated protection and plot system. If they are still able to grief, then you did something well. There are dozens of possibilities ranging from precious stones to KrimBuy.

    EDIT: /lb rollback player NAME since 100d
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    Backup the world map every hour? Use logblock do rollback a player?

    I don't know what the server specs are but you should know that all this will of course need some power to run. LogBlock does also need a mysql db.
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    Stop lava, tnt, flint and steel, creepers explosions, enderman's etc...
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    Alright, my brother says he already had all of these plugins and additions in his server, but the griefers still got through. My question is, how do large servers with hundreds of players seem to never get griefed?
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    They use GroupManager and WorldGuard. Give them right permissions and done.
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    Anyone got a list of the best permissions?
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    Depends on your plugins.

    This is what I used / used to use when I had no-grief server (now it is a grief server, mostly).
    LogBlock (well BigBrother then LogBlock)
    MineBackup (now using the built-in TimeMachine for Mac)
    bPermissions (the best eva)
    NoGrief (some other plugin, but this is the last one I used)
    NoCheat (now using NoCheatPlus with CompatNoCheatPlus)
    Towny (now using WorldGuard)
    OrebFuscator (best anti x-ray eva)
    mcbans (great for global banning, but warning people tend to make fake bans)
    TestqUiz (currently using my own testing plugin, which keeps out lazy griefers with a spawn test)
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    bpermissions or Pex with groupmanager.
    then you can make groups and assign the right permissions.
    on my server i have a negative build value so new joiners can start building and abusing.
    Currently i dont have much anti grief running only NoCheat but thats all basically
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    If he ran the server in online-mode= true and used anti grief plugins, and still managed to get protected areas griefed, he needs to work out his permissions...

    My guess is he is configured wrong or running in offline mode, which makes it nearly impossible to fully stop. It'd also explain why they so easily and continuously target him
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    By using protection plugins. I give my players the ability to protect their areas. If they do not protect them, they are not being "griefed" they are enjoying the fun that is someone else modifying blocks in Minecraft.

    If he has those plugins, he needs to use them. WorldGuard regions will protect the area inside of them, as well as plugins such as PreciousStones.

    If he has setup his permissions wrong, or doing silly stuff like OPing other players, he's effectively neutralizing the effects of those plugins.

    I suggest your brother spend a lot of time reading through the documentation of the plugins he is using. He will likely realize his mistake.
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    Me too... Except mine is filled to the brim. I'm out of memory, and my backups only go to May now (it deleted everything else). :(

    Feriscool: It sounds like the server is in offline-mode. You keep saying that they "got through" -- That sounds like they bypassed the protection plugin.
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    Dude why the fk would u use 2 perm plugins together that pure chaos
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    I partitioned my hard drive into 500 gb each (my external drive). Since I have 500 for Time Machine, I have data reaching back to end of March / beginning of April. Sigh ... why would I need data from that far back? I don't know.
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    No really, LogBlock's your best friend in the fight against griefers.
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    Get World Guard And Protect The Builds You Dont Want Griefed and Get Core Protect and Be Able To Logg, Inspect, And Rollback Any Possible Griefing Damage
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    I think /stop also works.
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    "If you want to keep griefers out of your back yard, just hang one in the front yard." - Someone, at some point... i think.
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