How to change /help text color for plugins?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ValBGaming, Jun 26, 2011.

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    Well, I have found that some plugins have built-in functionality to edit the color of their help files and such, but is there any way that I can change the color of /help text of the plugins that don't let you do it via configuration?

    Is it possible to go into the .jar file and change it in there?
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    Thanks, but I wasn't looking for the color codes :p I'm already familiar with them, its just that the plugins that don't have color options in the configuration -- I'm wondering where I can edit their colors.

    I would think it'd be in the .jar, so far I've found that LWC has its text in the .jar so I'm working on that. Hopefully the rest of the plugins have theirs in the .jar too.

    EDIT: The reason I want to edit the colors of the text of all my plugins is so that all the text stuff will have the same color theme, making it look like everything is meant to be together and not all different colors across the board.

    I'm going with a primarily yellow, with some additional white theme, and when it says something bad like an error and whatnot it'll be red. :p

    EDIT: Just finished changing the LWC colors... Checking all the other plugin .jar's and finding most have the colors hard coded. :/

    EDIT: Correction -- ALL the other ones have it hard coded. :/
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