how to auto promote the most active player

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by sverre26, Dec 18, 2013.

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    is there a plugin to auto promote the most active player?
    i have tried ontime but i dont understand how to do it there. btw i need to do so only other players are listed there (not me)
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    What permission plugin are you using?

    If you try again and share your rewards.yml I should be able to tell you where you have gone wrong.
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    i use groupmanager
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    sverre26 GroupManager works fine with ontime, as well as masterpromote. Paste rewards.yml.
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    Please go back and look at the tutorial I linked above and see the section about editing the rewards.yml and listing in there your supported ranks/groups. You have not done this in the version of the rewards.yml you posted above. Without that info the promotions will not work.
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    i want to promote the most active player of the month to the rank Active and then demote him after one month
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    Ok, well that is different than the tutorial that I pointed to, but this is still possible with OnTime, but I don't think you will find this capability in the other plugins. First you need to update the "groups" list in your rewards.yml as I explained in my last post.

    Then you will need to run this series of commands, or something similar that meets your specific needs.

    /ontime rewards add addgroup Active tag=activeAdd

    /ontime rewards top activePromo play monthly 1

    /ontime rewards add rmgroup Active 30d real tag=activeRemove

    /ontime rewards link activeAdd activeRemove

    First of all my recommendation is to not make Active a stand alone group, but make it a sub group that adds certain permissions. This way players of any other rank can have this added for the month, and then simply removed 30 days later, which then make it very simple to return to there previous status withou you having to worry about a complex promotion and demotion schema.

    The commands above do the following:

    1. Creates a reward to add the group Active to a players set of groups.

    2. Makes this a reward that will be issued at the start of each month to the one top player in the pervious month with the most monthly playtime

    3. Creates a reward to take away the Active group, which when scheduled will execute 30 calendar (real time) days later.

    4. Links these two rewards so the second is automatically scheduled (starting the 30 day countdown) as soon as the first is issued to the player.
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    after i have done that is it fixed then?
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    It was never broken, just not set up correctly. You will have to tell me if it works as you expected or not.
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    will it now promote the most active player of the month and demote them after one month?
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    Yes, if you followed my instruction that is what should happen.
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