How to allow Command Blocks without giving OP?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by seriosbrad, Nov 16, 2012.

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    I don't like giving out OP and Command Blocks are quite useful to my admins, is there a plugin, or any way I can allow Command Blocks by permissions?
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    Last I heard Command Blocks on bukkit were disabled, but I haven't looked into it recently.

    You would have to have some system in place to restrict what commands can be used, if you intend to give non-ops access to command blocks.

    As it is a block/item, it won't use the user's permissions to execute commands. A user could tell a Command Block to run /deop or /stop.
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    But command blocks stop stuff like that automaticly, they stop: kick, ban, stop, op, deop, eg...
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    Do they? I haven't had a chance to mess around with them much yet.

    I'm guessing they don't stop non-vanilla/non-bukkit commands though (e.g. setting someone to admin using your permissions plugin).
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    I have commandblocks enabled on my server, but i dont like giving out op either, i actually have it disabled. but when you try to have a command executed it says you need to be an op. I am running a bukkit server 1.4.6 R1
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    I also disabled anyone to be able to be an OP and am only using permissions since it is safer. But there must be some workaround for the problem of having to be an OP to use command blocks :(. And I'm pretty sure everyone that posted here is still awaiting a solution.
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    To my knowledge it's by design that only ops can create them. I am unaware if a plugin is even CAPABLE of changing this fact, so far I have yet to see one that does.
    check that, it is saying the same thing.

    And also check the comments on this...
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    Thank you for the information, i guess its just not gonna happen without being an OP.

    I've searched around and found some plugins that might do the job.




    Will be checking those to see which does it best and maybe even better since you can also use plugins scripts.
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