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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by maxben34, Dec 3, 2013.

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    Since I've joined the bukkit forums I've always have dabbled in the plugin development section. However, I feel that there are some issues within how this section actually works. For example, people come here looking for code. Other people come here to help, while others come to learn.

    Those that come here for code should understand that asking for code because you are struggling to create something your self is not why this section is here. This section is made for friendly people to attempt to help somebody else who may be struggling with making their plugin. If something is too hard, you should try some easier things first.

    Those that come to help others can also be problematic. Of course, it's great when people help one another, unless those who are helping you have little to no experience on the subject you're asking for help on. If you simply cannot answer a question then don't post, but that doesn't mean you can look back on the thread and help others in the future based on the responses that you saw there. It is best to help people if you know how, instead of giving unhelpful help, which can confuse the developer and make it more difficult for their problem to be solved.

    Threads in this section typically don't need to be 30 posts long. If it is, most of the time people led you in the wrong direction, and now that you took 5 steps backwards, you need to take 5 steps forward just to get back to where you were before making the thread, then you have to hope that one of the many other people that posted on the thread are giving you the right advice, and then finally after 30 posts the problem is solved.

    This simply doesn't need to be the case. If people ask for an example on how to do something, don't give them code of your own! Link them to a resource in which they can solve their problem with, if they want an example. You should explain how things can be developed , as we are all here to learn (and help). If somebody doesn't know how to do something, let them know how, but don't code a whole method for them as a ctrl c, ctrl v, doesn't reinforce what you told them.

    Most of the issues that people have here can simply be solved by looking at the 3 years of threads that have already been made. If you search the right things, you're more than likely to find what you're looking for.

    To those that are here to learn:

    Good Job! That's what I believe this section is for. Whether you are an experienced programmer or just starting out there are always things to learn in this section, so use it the right way.

    Just my thoughts

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    You should very rarely give code (only if you have the impression that it's the best way to explain something), and if so, you should put a bold message outlining that they should come back and ask questions if they don't understand absolutely anything in the code, as well as literally commenting every line. I do wish people in this section would learn to search more though, pretty much every question asked has a previous answer. It's a shame we don't have something like stackoverflow where you can mark duplicate questions.
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    I like this Thread. It demonstrates what the Bukkit programming community is all about, and illustrates a gateway to how the Plugin-Development should be utilized. Good job sir, I commend you on speaking your thoughts, for it shines some light on this section of the forums. Garris0n , I do agree with you as well, there should be a system like stackoverflow, where you can vote up the most useful responses and where you can mark duplicate questions. I think that would help the Bukkit forums by eliminating responses that are not useful, and it could limit the amount of responses per Thread. Thank you for this helpful and reflecting Thread :)
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    No problem :) I've been wanting to make this thread for a while after seeing that some things that occur in this section could be regulated better and if anything there should be some rules before posting.
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    It's about time a thread regarding this has been made.
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    I thought it was time :3
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    The problem was basically solved so I made a simple comment. That's fine to do, as long as things don't get off topic
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