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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by xXRobbie21Xx, Sep 7, 2014.

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    Okay, hear me out, im attempting to create a gta/dayz server and i am starting to mess around with some basic features. I think it would be pretty cool if when a player hit a glass block, it will break. I know it sounds dumb but imagine if there is this window, i dont know maybe 5 by 5 glass blocks, and when a player hits one, they all break. So now this gives the affect of being able to break through windows.
    So obviously coding a simple feature that when you hit a glass block it breaks instantaneously, would be simple, but how would one go about breaking a whole window?

    Also, maybe a regen feature? After a while the glass blocks will begin to regenerate back to its original state? That would be sweet.

    Im not looking to get spoon fed some code, but a little guiding, idea generating, and advice would be awesome, considering im a bit new to this.
    Thanks in advance - rob
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    You can iterate through the blocks around them.
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    Gater12 Okay, i gotcha, iv never heard of that before, but ill take a look! Thanks!
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    Gater12 Thanks, it sure will.

    Okay, after a bit of research, i have realised that this is beyond me, can someone throw me in the right direction? Any help is appreciated!

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    Do do the breaking listen for a playerinteractevent and see if the action is left click block and if the clicked block is a glass and then use this method to find the nearby blocks:
    2. public List<Block> getRelatives(final Block b, final Material m, final List<Block> blocos){
    3. if(!blocos.contains(b)){
    4. blocos.add(b);
    5. List<BlockFace> faces = Arrays.asList(BlockFace.UP, BlockFace.DOWN, BlockFace.SOUTH,
    6. BlockFace.EAST, BlockFace.NORTH, BlockFace.WEST);
    7. for(BlockFace bf : faces){
    8. Block bl = b.getRelative(bf);
    9. if(bl == null) continue;
    10. if(bl.getType() == null) continue;
    11. if(bl.getType().equals(m) && !blocos.contains(bl)){
    12. getRelatives(bl, m, blocos);
    13. }
    14. }
    15. }
    16. return blocos;
    19. }
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    jpjunho Allright, awesome, that makes sense. Thanks man!

    Edit: I haven't tested this, so if any more input is always welcomed!
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    Recursion is certainly a good way to do this. I would personally create a method that breaks the glass block at the given location, then goes to each block in the 6 cardinal directions (+/- x,y,z) and run the same method on those if they are glass. It would continue until all of the connected glass blocks have been reached, at which point it would stop.
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