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Discussion in 'General Help' started by SpudF, Apr 10, 2018.

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    Here is my pitch I made to my staff team about a new server:

    Businesses/Cities Idea. Here is my idea, we make it a city... But not a RP, well, sort of a RP. Players begin the game at the spawnpoint, this will be an airport. You go through a sort of customs thing and I may be able to get a plugin that gives you ID, IDK though. Then you get outside the airport, you right click a sign that takes you to the city, the sign will say "Taxi" or something. Once you get to the city it gives you a Grade Z apartment. You live in the grade Z apartment and it is quite horrible. Players can actually get a job... Each job will have its own recruitment course and when players actually work it is cool... Players get money for working, each job has a different salary. Another job alternative is I edit and re-config the factions plugin so players can pay a certain amount of money to start their own business. I will make it /b create etc. Players can then join different businesses, those businesses need to compete to be the richest. Players get money for simply being on the server. The city will have like an auction house, here you can actually gamble in-game money. You can upgrade your apartment and more. We'd have custom staff roles as well. E.g we'd keep Founder and Owner, but their will only be a few mods and stuff so it doesn't ruin the Economy. I don't know if I should call it Cities or Businesses. Players can also suggest their own job types if we haven't already implemented them. Tell me what you think, Spud.

    How much ram/memory would this take? (Minimal)
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    As far as I can understand from what you've written, you need a lot of small plugins/some big plugins to get this going. The playerbase also counts a lot. I'm no expert but I'd go around 3-5 GB. I might have gone too low, but like 70% of the RAM depends on your playerbase.
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