Solved How much ram would i need?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Assult, Oct 4, 2012.

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    How much ram would i need for a server with 30 slots and these plugins;

    1. Pex
    2. Worldguard
    3. WorldEdit
    4. Commandbook
    5. Plgsetspawn
    6. Buycraft
    7. Mcmmo
    8. Lwc
    9. Logblock
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    ~2GB should be ok.
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    Thanks :)
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    Depends on how many people you are going to host for.
  5. he said 30slots server
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    / need to drink more coffee.

    If your going for those plugins and plugins that you think may be usefull for your server you may want to go for 4-18 GB ram if your computer will be dedicated for the server only, then yes. 18 is excessive but safe for me.
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    im running 32 plugins with 10 peoples on 1gb without lag, next month im going on 2+gb bcz more ppl will come ;)
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    I'd stick with 3+GB..
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    64 GB Ram FTW
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    64 gb seems a bit absurd to me
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    It's not the amount of people you have to worry about, it's the size of the map. If they all stay within a few hundred chunks you can run fine on a minimal amount of RAM, but if you're looking at huge maps then 2gb is going to be nowhere near enough.

    We run with a 5gb RAM Disk and 4gb allocated to Minecraft's process itself and all is fine, but the ramdisk isn't necessary.
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    There are plugins that can restrict (or bound) how far players can venture out. It would be nice if there was some kind of base calculation that said how much RAM would be needed based on size of territory. Having that number as a base would be a great starting point for determining how "big" your server needs to be at a minimum.
  13. what plugin can restric how far players can venture out?
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    WorldBorder is one of them.
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