How much HDD space does a bukkit server need

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Charly_ZA, Aug 10, 2013.

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    Hi, how much space will a bukkit server like this need: 1 world with the border set to 40km*40km, 20 plugins including Logblock and a bunch of reandom plugins like LWC and WE.
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    Currently running a server with about 20-30 plugins and 5 worlds at less than 5GB.
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    Currently running a server with about 45 plugins... With ABOUT 7-8 worlds at 1gb Please note I do not have any borders on the edges of my world so people go pretty far sometimes.
  4. i would let the server have at least 5gb, if you can spare it up to 20gb or more. my servers have varied greatly in amount of space used. ive had ones that take up mb's up to 1gb, and then ive had some that take up 20gb+ it really depends on amount of worlds, and especially what type of plugins you have. for example, core protect logs all player/server/entity activity, so that can eat up alot of space. it also depends on amount of players to.
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    I'd say about 5GB too. Everything will start of small (in terms of world sizes etc), and it'll gradually grow.
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    Make sure you clean your log file monthly, after 3 months my log file grew to 32gb.
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    I have a server that uses a mere 2GB, but then I have another that's 40GB. (Maps alone.)
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