How many plugins you run?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by bluehasia, Mar 4, 2012.

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    just wondering some one who doesnt even play one my server keeps being critical about my server for the amount of plugings i run, half are very light like playerlogger. but got the key ones like essentials, worldborder, spout. i dont even have to run any anti greifing or worldguard and world edit ones. were a small 8 person server close friends with at most only 3-4 people at a time

    so i have about 23 plugins with 2.4 gigs of ram with
    how many do you run on your server, ram and amount of people
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    15 plugins.
    PermissionsBukkit, WorldEdit,WorldGuard, NoCheat, mChatSuite, mcbans, ModTRS, LogBlock, LogBlockQuestioner, MCSL, MyHome, LWC, Citizens, SpoutJail, firstlastseen

    Server is currently pretty empty though, due to bandwidth limitations :( (About 3 peeps at a time, used to be 8 >_<)
    Just built a new awesome city to be ready for 1.2!
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    30+ plugins.

    5GB heap.

    Dedicated box.

    Dual L5420 (2x4x2.5GHz)
    500GB drive
    100mbps line

    I'm going to move to a new box soon.

    i3-2100 (2c/4t at 3.1GHz)
    16GB DDR3 RAM
    500GB drive
    1gbps (1000mbps) line

    Thinking of buying a SSD also.
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    Daniel Heppner

    Where are you getting that box from?
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    I ran about 50-60 on 2.5gb shared server but after 1.2 glitchy plugins have been causing alot of lag im at 38 plugins right now i think? im about to get a dedicated sever with.
    Xeon W3520 (i7)
    24Gb ram
    4 x 2 (HT) x 2.67+ GHz
  6. 54 Plugins usually however alot less atm due to temp map

    i7 930
    24GB RAM
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    I'm running way more than I should, imo.

    About 30 plugins (most are lightweight, I'm going to combine them into one pretty soon) with about 2.3GB RAM (I think, I always forget. Might be 3.something :p)
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    Neat host
    How well do you think the $50 server on their main page would hold up for Minecraft running ~40 players with a modest amount of plugins?
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    so. from what i hear. is this fellow doesn't know what he is talking about, 23 plugins with 2.4 gig sounds fine
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    Not sure, but I ordered one on Friday, it should be ready in a day or two and then I'll post some initial benchmarks on here.

    While the i3 won't have as many cores/threads as my dual L5420s, the per-thread performance should be MUCH higher, and 4 threads at 3.1GHz is quite a bit of power.

    My only gripe is the bandwidth. 1TB is tiny for a gigabit port, but I do suppose that I won't be using more than that much.
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    about 100 plugins...
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    ~50, i5/8gb ram, and a small user base.
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    80 plugins, 4gb RAM, 2ghz PROCESSOR ...
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    80? Damn, that's a lot. It must suck to update them all.
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    Yes it is, still busy!
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    After testing my plugins and discovering that 3/4 of them are broken, I gave up... I'm just going to wait a week before I update.
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    Yes, clever. I made a backup from my whole server (copied) and applied the update there. Now I am running the outdated server but busy updating plugins from my updated server...
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    I did the same, just a simple cp -r of the server directory, and changed some settings so that it wouldn't interfere with the running server and worked on it.

    Not quite sure how I'm going to merge it back in though. Hand-copying 35 jar files would be a major pain.
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