How many players should I be able to handle.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by desmin88, Jan 16, 2011.

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    I currently have my server running on these specs
    Athlon 635 4 Core 2.9ghz
    12GB DDR3 1333 Mhz
    30GB Kingston SSD

    Any idea how many people i should be able to host?
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    What's your bandwidth? With that properly setup, you could do 100+ if you had a good enough uplink.
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    And this is where I falter. I have 20-24 Mbps download, but only a measly .5mbps upload.
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    you will be able to handle 5-10 people from what i have noticed from my 1mbps upload speed (i can get 10-15 ok)
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    mindless728, I've already handled 10 people with no lag, just want to find out what my max is.
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    with that much ram you are limited only by your internet connection.

    in the mean time, move your world folder to a ram disk.
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    Looking at my network output, each player takes roughly 16-30k/sec (thats kilobytes). As long as your hardware isn't a bottleneck, this is a good rule of thumb to determine how many players your link can support.
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    There's no way that could handle 100+. I'm almost positive that CPU would breakdown before that many people hit.

    .5mbit is horrible for hosting. I'm surprised you could get 10, I'd say maybe 4 max on .5mbit.

    I cannot stress this enough, do not host Minecraft on an SSD, you're wasting it's life and your money that you spent on it.
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    Perhaps, but his uplink will limit it far before his CPU's become the bottleneck.
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