how many players can this server host and plugins?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by aymanh, Oct 31, 2011.

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    cpu :Core-i5 760 4x2.80GHz TB 8MB CacheRam:

    how can i tell?

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    I'd say it also depends on the plugins you will be using, on the start-up script and how far are the players from each other, but I guess
    60 (+- 10) would be a nice average number.
    Of course, if you have a slow HDD, this number will be lower.
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    500 GB SATA Drive (7200 RPM)
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    also MAJORLY depends on your upload/download speed, mostly upload.

    you can have a i7 extreme, 24g of ram and a SSD in raid, but 2mbs upload and cap at 10 people.
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    100 Mbps Uplink Port

    is okay for 100 mbps?
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    Nathan C


    Your connection is good, although your CPU is an older DESKTOP CPU.

    You will most likely be CPU limited, followed by running out of RAM.
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    Be aware though, I don't think you get 100Mb/s from your ISP.
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    100 Mbps upload? That's VERY Unlikely to get from your ISP.

    Go to and post your Upload Speed here.
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    yeah, no
    unless your server is sitting in a server room with a 10GBase-T network and a very expensive network card
    thats not going to be right
    you are probly reading the modem max speed or the router max speed
    btw the 10GBase-T network is a 10 GB network running on fiber optic, the cable of the backbone of the internet
    which a networking card for a 10GBase-T network is like $4K maybe more
    you want to tell us the upload speed
    you were sold the download speed
    that is the speed from the internet to your house
    we need to know how fast info will go from your house to the web, via the upload speed

    fyi im a networking geek, its what i love :p
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    you know... i am upgrading my internet connection to 250 mbps down for like $100 a month. Some places have cheap internet. Just because the US has slow internet and high prices doesnt mean other places has to have that too. I also have a pack that says 100 mbps but i only get up to 96 max.
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    The amount of people depends the amount of the plugins you install. Many can eat away at your RAM sufficently.
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    WOAH, 250mbps :O
    If I'd only have that.. :)
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    250 down is useless when your upload is slow :)
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    True, but at least you can download supah fast <3
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    depends on the server :)
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    Oops, I can run only 5 :O
    My upload really sux. (1.5Mbit/s)
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