How Many Players Can My Server Take?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Lacrosse, May 8, 2012.

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    Here are some things..

    Download Speed: 43.21 MBPs
    Upload Speed: 14.41 MBPs
    RAM Deticated To Server: 4 GB

    So... based on this, whats an estimated amount of players my server should be able to hold? What should I make the Maximum amount of players basically?
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    Whats your processor?
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    AMD Phenom 9500 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs) ~2.2 GHz
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    I would say around 20-25 people at most but it also depends on your plugins.
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    I also seem to be getting the error in the CMD like once every 2 seconds : "[WARNING]: Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?"

    Is there something wrong with the server or something?
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    It just means the server is having a hard time running.

    oh i thought your processor speed was 2.6 GHz

    and your upload speed is a bit low.
    i would probably lower the max player to 20 at most before it starts getting laggy.
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    I JUST upgraded to Comcast's FASTEST internet they told me they have available, is there another reason my upload speed may be low..?
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    People that live across the world will have lagg and people closer to you shouldnt have any unless theres alot of people on the server.
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    I ran 15 people on 1mbps... No lag.. :p
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    Comcast is a great provider (my provider as well). I don't know why they are saying your upload speed is slow (its not at all). I host a home run server with 1.5gb RAM 23plugins and 12slot with no lag so you'll be fine
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    Comcast has fairly shitty peering, and that CPU is weak, but overall you should be fine for 40 players.
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    How is much is a Good CPU? I have upgrades almost everything inside my Pc Since I bought it off ebay, including this like $200 Graphics card, a new main fan, RAM, etc..

    So.. how much is a good CPU? By good I mean better than mine of course, but not like the best of the best. Recommend a good one? Thanks!
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    Nathan C

    Any new Intel CPU that is either Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge. AMD is just too weak core per core.

    If you want a cheap, yet good one, get a Core i3 2130.

    That's false information, if I have ever seen it before. You can easily host 30 people and not hit 14 megabit/s. The most I have seen used is about 7-9 megabit/s for 50 players...
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