How many players can my server handle?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by TNOMCat, Jul 17, 2011.

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    Ya, just wonderin how much players i can have on my server without massive lag.
    I have 900mb ram, and the server runs 20TPS with 2 players. I have about 60 plugins and
    2 worlds.
    EDIT: oh ya and my down speed is 10mb/s and up 2
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    First off, what is up with people using cheap servers to host minecraft and then asking if the server can do the job? Based on your ram, I'd say 10 people... based on your upload speed I'd say 15 people... Maybe the trend of the future is hosting minecraft on less and less capable pcs. Maybe I'll put linux on my android phone and host a 2 player server on it. just kidding.
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    @odielag Well you don't have to play on that servers, have you? As long as some people still host on 100mbit/8GB ram monsters, you don't have to worry. :)
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    It also depends on the number of plugins you want to run. Some obviously take more and less CPU and RAM then others.
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    I have about 60 plugins an addin more.
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    60 plugins??!?! on a piece of crap server like that? Good luck with anything more than 7-10 people with out lagging and crashing to shit

    They suggest a min. of 1 gig of Ram to run a minecraft server and I would assume that is with a few basic plugins.

    60 plugins and 900 megs of ram is crazy. Some plugins are very memory intensive and I bet you are running a few in that list of 60
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    Runnin all 60 plugins at the same time.
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