How many members on your server use spoutcraft?

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How many members on your server use spoutcraft?

  1. Required

    7 vote(s)
  2. All

    1 vote(s)
  3. Most

    4 vote(s)
  4. Some

    13 vote(s)
  5. None

    16 vote(s)
  6. Don't know

    3 vote(s)
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    1 of 9... that one is me :D
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    Nathan C

    Only a couple of of hundreds.

    The actually complain about how it lags them(even though it has optifine built in) or they think it is a virus.
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    Not a single one has spout installed, mainly because they're little kids and dont know how to install or are afraid that its malicious
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  4. Hmm, interesting. Thanks guys
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    I think one reason, why they aren't use Spoutcraft, is, that Spout has the image of a buggy, unclean and scriptkiddie-like Mod for minecraft in their minds. (I love spoutcraft!)
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    To be fair of that perception, it sometimes IS buggy. ;) I love Spoutcraft at times, but then the lighting broke on several builds that were pushed to me. Then the recommended Spout Plugin build was causing huge problems, so I had to uninstall that. I mostly only like it for the mipmapping, though, as well as the improved chat. (which I also have installed on my regular client) Though ultimately I don't use it most of the time because I like WorldEdit CUI.
    I've only seen one or two players on my server use it regularly. I only pointed it out a couple times, though. Still, if I were to extrapolate that to how often I check console and how many players we have, it couldn't be more than 5%.
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    Considering the new direction Spout is taking, I'm mostly pretending SpoutPlugin no longer exists.
    It will be discontinued eventually, so I figure not to rely on it.
    This also means there's no real use for SpoutCraft at the moment.
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    some, just because some users just dont follow up on the info on server news. they learn all the cool extras if they get if they ran the game using spoutcraft.

    I bang my head against my desk when i have to explain to every member how to install spoutcraft...they be to lazy to read my server info webpage XD. ok not every member not fair a few do read
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    I use it on and off, basically the bugs outweigh the features. I know one other player on my server has used it. The biggest issue I've seen is rendering issues, whereby you don't see half the landscape until your practically on top of it... where regular minecraft client works fine. I have seen the regular client do the same thing on my son's private server, which runs on a much less powerful machine... so this would suggest the extra features of the spout plugin cause load issues on my server, which is a 6x AMD, so how much more powerful do you really need to maintain a stable 'fullspout' system?
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    And I think its one of the easiest things on earth :D
    Seriously, they got the hotlinkable .exe-launcher, so you would just need to add the link "Get the awesome client >>here<<" to your website and they type their mc login stuff into the form... where is their problem?
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    Some use it, mostly staff and long-time regulars.
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    None. Absolutly crap and unstable - breaking every update - ive forbidden my players to use this.
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    I sometimes don't like servers that have the Spout plugin.

    Most of them set "AllowCoordsCheat" to false, because they see the word "Cheat" and get scared. So then, you end up with a feature that you can get using the vanilla client, but not the SpoutCraft client.
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    Larry Bob

    What new direction?
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    I think I'm the only one, actually.
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    A handful of my players use it because i told them about it. and they mainly like the key binding because it saves repetitive commands.
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    with spout you could check if a player has spoutcraft and kick him if he doesnt right? so you would have to "force" them to use it?
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    One of eight. That's not even me. But it's not really a problem.
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    You can autokick people without spoutcraft yes. Largest reason people don't use it's cause it's a seperate launcher, which sort of automatically raises a red flag. Second point can't really mod it. Asides from that, it does raise fps, allow you to rid void fog, and adds some features, plus suppose the biggest plus is it's not required to connect even if your server does take advantage of it. Seems in the end, most/all from ours end up using it for one reason or another.
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    I never used it, never want to.
    I've had some members crash all the time, then they say, I can't start minecraft, So, I stay as far away from it as possible

    Spout, I just hate, kills my server every time, whether it stuffs up a plugin, or corrupts my map.
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