how many GHz and how mutch ram do a bukkit server need?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by sverre26, Mar 11, 2013.

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    the tittle say the question.
    the server has over 70 plugins and many plugins that use mutch ram
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    I'm gunna ignore that this question was asked with little info.
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    rguz10, You're dumb. This is a general question, not a crash issue or anything. Also please learn to spell.

    The answer is you don't need a really powerful CPU, my server runs 2.8GHz. But anything is really fine. As for RAM, it really depends on things. How much players does your server get, how resource intensive your plugins are, and how efficient your RAM is. Generally I'd aim for anything about 4GiGs. Good luck!
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    He didn't give us any info on how many players he wants or the types of plugins. What do you mean MC servers don't need a high clock speed! MC only utilizes one core. So the higher the clock speed the better. Unless the server is small and has little plugins you want a rather high clock speed.
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    I didn't say MC doesn't CPU. It dosnt RELY on clock speed.
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    Over nine-thousand GHz's! ...sorry, just had to be done.

    Anyway, 70+ plugins is a bit overkill, Super User said it depends on how many players you have, how resource hungry your plugins are etc. My guess is probably a minimum of 4-6GB RAM, but if your aiming for optimal performance, you could go through your plugins and pick ones out you don't need, otherwise you'll probably wanna invest in more RAM.

    Personally I'll pick the ones I don't need out. But answering your question directly, Minecraft/CraftBukkit requires at least 1GB RAM to function properly. A few ways of reducing RAM usage I found was disabling unused (or hardly used) worlds, like The Nether or The End. Another was is to get rid of any plugins that are as I said earlier resource hungry: such as any anti x-ray plugins, as they will eat up a lot of your RAM. OR possibly reduce the amount of player slots/limit the amount of players on.

    (if your hosting from home) Switch off any programs that are using internet bandwidth like uTorrent/BitTorrent, Steam, try to close off unused programs and free up any RAM, just small things like that can increase performance.
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    it is laggy when the server runs with 1gb ram allocated but it works fine with 2gb ram and more
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    how about you give useable info.
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    My server has like 30+ plugins and we average like not very many people (5 -10). I run mine from my pc with 3gb out of my 8gb of ram and we get no lag at all. This is just as a reference to you I guess
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    i use a vps with 2.5gb of ram and its fine
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    I already answered his question. Why are you all still posting?
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