How make a web-panel ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Miaow, Aug 4, 2012.

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    Hello, I'm Swiss and I learn English at school, so please excuse-me for my errors.

    With a friend, we have a Minecraft server, hosted on a Ubuntu 10.04 system (hosted by OVH).
    Actually, only him and me can start / restart / stop the server via a ssh terminal, but we have a lot of work, and we want allow our admin to do it, but they don't know anything in BASH and we don't want to give to them our passwords.

    Actually, we launch our server in a screen session for be able to have several server on the seem server engine.

    I had found the BASH command "screen -r SESSIONNAME -X stuff "say hello world" and I wanted to use this command by the "Exec()" function in PHP, but it doesn't work, because screen need a "real" terminal...

    So here what I want:
    Creating a web-panel for (in the beginning) start / stop the server.

    If somebody have an idea, thank you in advance !
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    Apache runs under an "apache" user therefore doesn't find the screen because it's not started as the same user.

    (Don't know if screen is capable with help of an argument find screens from other users)

    The safer option would be to make the apache user run the server and the more unsafe option is to change apache's default user to the regular user, but this means you also open up for more damage possible if you have anything that easily can be injected.
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    I've Try to launch a Minecraft Server from Apache, but It doesn't work...
    But I may have misunderstood, what do you mean by "make the apache user run the server" ?

    Thank you for your answer !
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