How long until bukkit/popular mods usually update?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Drunkturtle, Jun 29, 2011.

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    How long until after major patches do they normally update?
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    for major plugins, 3/7 days
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    Generally, Bukkit gets fixed within 36 hours after an update.

    *Most* plugins will work with old versions of Bukkit, depending on what changed from the previous version, however, people will generally update bukkit and annoy Modders if the mod does not work with the new version, so look out for that.

    Mods with teams usually get updated 1-3 days after Bukkit makes a "recommended" build. Mods only developed by one person usually take longer, depending on how much they have to change, and if they had any major changes to their code.
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    So anyone tested bukkit for 1.7 yet? Any plugins that don't work?
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    LostCraft is running it now on their test server, it runs perfect except one plugin that gets PLAYER_MOVE event error other than that is runs fine on the plugin side. On the server side, there is a bug where you place a piston with a block on top and then a pressure plate on top of the block then step on the plate it will crash and corrupt your world.
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    Alright Thanks! So this isnt fixed in the latest build that just got released build 950 ?
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    No it isn't.
    EDIT: If you wanna run it on a 'produciton' server get WorldGuard and don't allow players to place pistons.
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