How long until Bukkit kicks the bucket?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by PAL-18, Jan 19, 2011.

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    *Post eaten by zombies*
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    Let's just take a moment and stop to think before this becomes some stupid fight. Bukkit is, both by legality and design, not going to be commercialized. It is an open source project. If development by the current team dies, anyone could fork it and continue it within the constraints of the license they finally settle on. Additionally, saying that the only way developers would keep working on it is because of financial incentive is ludicrous. Let's just point to Firefox, Chromium, Apache, etc. While there are levels of commercialization by their controlling organizations, primarily support, they do not charge for their product. Bukkit is scratching an itch, and has many people interested in it. It's death would be solely on obsolescence.

    Additionally, one of the points of Bukkit is being more open. At the moment, it's design and push is being held close to heart with the main developers, but they are trying to be open as well. Eventually, once Bukkit is closer to feature complete, I'm sure patches and work by others would be more readily included into the trunk, thus speeding up any compatibility fixes for minecraft updates.

    There's no reason to have yet another thread complaining, or predicting failure, or so on. There's been plenty.
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    You can donate, I'm sure they'd like that.

    They aren't getting paid now and they are putting in a lot of hours. Why would they demand payment in the future? All their projects are open source. Thus if they were to up and quit tomorrow, anyone else could pick up where they left off. There would be lots of people that would do so.
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    The irony here is that Open Source projects have a [potentially] longer life expectancy than closed source programs. If Microsoft suddenly ceased to exist, Windows would be gone forever (unless someone bought all the patents associated with it).

    If it were open source, like previously stated, someone could just fork it and continue development. This means that open source projects only really die when no one cares about them anymore.

    Bukkit has the interest of a ton of people, many of whom know Java. Therefore [again, like previously stated], it won't die until it becomes obsolete.

    Making it closed source and selling it will only increase the chances of it having an untimely demise. That's the mistake so many people make about open vs. closed source. They assume that if someone's getting paid to do it, the project will last longer. In practice, closed source projects often die because the developer loses interest. Not because they're not making any money.
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    On top of the points already made, the devs themselves are server owners. So they have a lot to gain in making sure development on Bukkit continues.
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    You do realise that Hmod only died due to the main developer packed is bags on the whole MC community in general right? and that Bukkit was in a away a part of the end result that lead to almost everything good plug-in wise and server wrapper wise being ported or re-thought out for this wrapper.​

    Did anyone pay developers last time in Hmod to keep fixing the silly thing once Hey0 abandoned the project did we pay them to keep updating plug-in even after Hmod died to support Forked versions.​

    NO and NO sure we offered our support in the means of a donation if thanks just could not cut it.​

    You can ask any developer here and they all/should be telling you the same thing and that is something along the lines of,​
    " We continue to work on the project and our plug-in’s because we enjoy it and we will keep doing for as long as the community supports our work in the means of thanks and praise".​
    For at the end of the day the best support a developer could ask for is for a fan base and it is this HUGE fan base for both the bukkit development team and its associated plug-in developers that will drive this wrapper forward.​

    A donation is just a bonus for these guys and girls. I give massive thanks to the team here on bukkit and all the plug-in developers even if I have a little something negative to say I still respect the efforts.​

    Don't take any notice of trolls like this guy in the OP if anything get inspired by that to do even better and show him the way out while you’re at it.​

    Best Regards​
    Another dude totally impressed that his sever can be made that much more awesome thanks to hard work and sweat!​
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    How is what i said trolling if it was a suggestion for the developers to make more money. If anything, im on the developers side. I want to see them succeed and develop this server for many years. I just thought that there wouldnt be enough donations to make giving up their free time plausible.

    Why dont you all just say it already without sugar coating it; You're just pissed someone suggested paying for the server because none of you want to pay anything. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.
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    That's not it at all. We don't want it going closed source or becoming non-free because that will kill the community, and bring about an untimely death for bukkit.

    Closed source only works when you're a fairly decent-sized or wealthy company. Even then, it rarely seems to work better than FOSS, as FOSS software often times has better support.
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    Oh. I didnt think about that. Okay ignore me.

    Can a mod please delete this topic?
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