How long do you think it will take bukkit to be updated POLL

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jake Rees, Apr 19, 2011.


How long do you think it will take bukkit to be updated

  1. 1-3 hours

  2. 4-6 hours

  3. 5-7 hours

  4. 8-12 hours

  5. Longer than 12 hours

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    Jake Rees

    What's your opinion?
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    Please within the next hour :)
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    Jake Rees

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    It'll be ready when it's done. :)
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    I hate it when Minecraft updates... because they really don't matter to me. The official game just needs to be released, so there is no more constant updating! Hopefully it will be finished soon, but Bukkit hasn't posted anything about it on their Home Page.
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    If they are available to work on the next build of Bukkit, they'll do it in 2 hours from starting work
  8. Well i aint seen any twitter updates so iunno, :p

    Hope it's fast, my server will start going down hill if it's not updated!
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    I'll expect within like 3 hours, since last time they managed to do it in 4 hours, so surely they have improved slightly?
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    It its not a hard update, just a few packet ids, the achievement stuff is all in game.

    If you want your server back up just run with the official server and when its updated you can switch back.
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    Would you rather they post to Twitter or actually work on updating?
    @Nekhanimal Don't expect anything, especially using such invalid logic as "If they did the last non-protocol-changing update in 4.5 hours, I expect this one in 3." This update will most likely take just as long, if not longer, as there are far more changes.
    To everyone else, unless you can do better, just sit around and wait for them to finish. Hell, I think they should go play Portal2, THEN update Bukkit.

    @vcazan You are a freaking idiot. I just want you to know that. If you think it's so easy to update, go do it yourself, let's see who gets a build out first, them or you?
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    @Drakia I didn't say it was easy, I just said its not as hard as other builds. Calm down before you give yourself a stroke.

    Did you even look at the new server build...?
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    @vcazan Yes I did, there's 11 new classes, every class has a different name again, there are massive new chunks of code that the Bukkit team will have to read over to make sure it's not going to screw up how they hook into things.
    Did you even look at the new server build?
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    Okay, fair point. But I agree with you about the Portal2 thing :p
    Still, I can always hope!
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    Well, voting for nr. 1 (1-3 hours) and nr. 2 (4-6 hours) is now out of time^^
    I know it I was the first person who votes for the last answer and this will make it - longer then 12 hours ^^
    And I am brave: I say it will take very very more time ^^
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    Jake Rees

    as for now im staying with my 1.4:D
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    Anyone know where we can track progress? They didn't post anything, twitter anything, or anything like that last 2 mc updates.
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    Your missing the 7 day vote....
    Whats the point of this useless poll?
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