How exactly does ItemStack.getDamage() work?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by luciddream, Jan 22, 2011.

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    I've been trying to get the percent that a tool is damaged, but getDamage() is giving me some trouble. It seems that it increases from 0 as the tool is used, but once it goes past 127 it flips to -128 and keeps increasing up to 127 again. I guess this makes sense given that getDamage() returns a byte, but how can I use that to figure out the percent an item has been damaged? For that matter, how can diamond tools have a durability of 1562 if the damage is stored as a byte?
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    It doesnt work properly atm and you havent been the only one to have issues with it. Docs say its a percentage, but currently its treated as hitpoints.
    I wrote a bug report on it, hopefully it should get fixed to properly work as either way.
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    Chuck Lieb

    If it's simply returning an improperly formatted or incorrect kind of variable, is it possible that we can format/correct it now while we wait for a fix later?

    Would this even be possible, considering that it could return the same number twice?
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    Currently the methods setDamage and getDamage return a byte. If it is meant to work like hitpoints then it needs to return a short. If its meant to be a percentage it needs an overhaul.
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    You can use reflection to access protected CraftItemStack.item.d, and get\set it manualy... but it dirty hack
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